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Kettler Outdoor 6

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Kettler Outdoor 6

The Ketter Outdoor 6 is a new release from Kettler and it fits between the Kettler Outdoor 10 and the Kettler Champ 5.0. There are some new design features on the Outdoor 6 from Kettler – opening and closing mechanism is now one handed and simple (similar to the Outdoor 10) and there are boxes on the ends of the table to hold ping pong balls. No more having to chase the ball every time it goes off the table. You still get the solid aluminum tabletop we’ve come to recognize from Kettler. The Kettler Outdoor 6 is ideal for recreational family ping pong. ORDER HERE

Frame/Design – As we noted above, they have changed the frame design just slightly on the Kettler Outdoor 6 so that it has some improvements over the Kettler Champ 5.0. Perhaps the biggest change is to the way that you open and close the table. Kettler used to have a rather cumbersome procedure to do this, but now they have taken the lead from Cornilleau and designed a much simpler way to do this. A single handed mechanism releases the table to be open or closed. Still very safe, but much more efficient. The ball holders build into the ends of the table are a nice touch and now you can store paddles under the net on the sides of the table with an elastic band. We also like the gray tabletop color – this goes away from the traditional blue or green tops that many manufacturers have always done.

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Assembly – Kettler has notoriously had difficult tables to assemble. The new design actually simplifies things when it comes to the assembly process. You are still looking at 90 to 120 minutes, but we found it to be easier than the older models. The single piece tables are still more sturdy and durable than the 2 piece designs from Killerspin and JOOLA. Don’t think that a 20 minute assembly is saving you in the long run. Better to put in a little time up front and get a sturdy table for the money.

Safety Features – The folding system is safe and easy – designed so that kids can do it without injuring themselves. There is a central release handle (see the black handle on the underside of the table in the photos) that lets you open and close the table with one hand. Most of the cheaper outdoor tables still have antiquated systems. Cornilleau is the best, again Kettler is 2nd best.  GET PRICING HERE

Storage/Moving – Need to move the table? The wheels are pretty good on all surfaces. They come equipped with a locking mechanism, so once the table is in place, you can lock the wheels for safety. Storage is really compact at 24″ wide x 66″ high x 72″ long.

Playability – The weatherproof 7/8″ (22 mm) sealed aluminum composite tournament top with proprietary ALU-TEC Climate-Control underside that controls expansion and contraction due to weather changes is more than adequate. Kettler is the 2nd best manufacturer of outdoor tables in the world, only Cornilleau provides a better ball bounce and performance. The Outdoor 6 Kettler has solid performance and will last outdoors (5 year warranty on this table).

Advantages – We really like the new design with the opening and closing mechanism, great features like ball box for storing balls, solid warranty of 5  years, and Kettler craftsmanship. Overall a good table for the money.  PURCHASE HERE

Disadvantages – Ball bounce is always something that our customers are worried about. Will the bounce of the ball be similar to an indoor table is what we get. With aluminum tops, you are always going to sacrifice a bit. Ball bounce just won’t be as good on the Kettler tables as you will find on the Cornilleau tables that are done with a completely different tabletop material and surface. I would say ball bounce is average on this table.

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