We are a leading supplier of outdoor ping pong tables in the United States. Located in Portland, Oregon our passion for ping pong started a long time ago. I used to stand behind the table tennis table when I was no more than 4 years old and learned how to play with my dad. Our family played together every weekend in our family room and it became something that we looked forward to each and every week. At the age of 12 I was lucky enough to play a table tennis Olympian from England – yes I lost, but it was an incredible learning opportunity.

Growing up in California we were fortunate enough to play outdoors almost year round and were able to play on a variety of tables throughout the years. Our staff is committed to providing you with the most up to date information and reviews on the latest outdoor ping pong tables and equipment. Our goal is to research and play on every table from the major manufacturers like Cornilleau, Butterfly, Kettler, RS Barcelona, Killerspin, and JOOLA. That way we can give you an honest opinion with superior feedback compared to other sites that really only list a few manufacturer photos with a less than adequate review. We provide photos of all the tables and whenever possible a full video review.

With over 75 years combined playing experience, our expertise will help guide you in your purchase. We are used to dealing with wet weather here in the Pacific Northwest, but that doesn’t stop us from playing ping pong outdoors. With 8 distribution warehouses (NY, CA, IL, NC, TN, NJ, VA, MD) in the United States, we deliver over 1000 tables each year to our customers. We appreciate the support of our site visitors and welcome any questions or comments about ping pong in general. You can email us at info@bestoutdoorpingpongtables.com – or call us at 866-926-3839 and speak directly with the owner (that’s me – Kevin Vedder).


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Stiga Baja Outdoor Ping Pong

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Kettler Cologne Ping Pong


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