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Kettler Outdoor 15 Ping Pong Table

The Kettler Outdoor 15 is Kettler’s new top-of-the-line outdoor ping pong table. The Outdoor 15 is priced at $3299 – which is a pretty hefty price-tag. At that over-$2000 price-point, there are already a couple incredible tables to choose from – with proven track records. The Outdoor 15 has a 10mm melamine composite tabletop that is scratch and fade resistant with anti-glare technology and weighs an astounding 249 pounds. With 2.4 inch heavy gauge steel legs, a 2.4 inch wide tubular steel profile, and a commercial grade welded front cross bar, it’s easy to see why the table weighs as much as it does – and just how sturdy it is. The Outdoor 15 is Kettler’s answer to the Cornilleau 700X and 740 Longlife. But is it a better table than either of them?  ADD TO CART

Kettler Outdoor 15

Frame/Design – At 249 pounds, the Outdoor 15 is a very sturdy ping pong table that can handle all the elements of the outdoors – rain, snow, humidity. It’s built to last. The Outdoor 15 has 2.4 inch heavy gauge steel legs, a 2.4 inch wide tubular steel profile, and a commercial grade welded front cross bar that provides very strong support to the 10mm melamine tabletop (a brand new venture for Kettler). The Outdoor 15 has the same new net design as the Kettler Cabo, which provides a permanent net system that stays in place whether the table is in play position or folded for storage. The net system also offers both height and tension adjustments. The Outdoor 15 has adjustable leg levelers that come in handy if you’re playing on uneven surfaces. Additionally, on both sides by the wheels are enclosed storage compartments to store your paddles and other accessories.  BUY NOW

Kettler Outdoor 15 Solo Play

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Assembly – This is where the Outdoor 15 shines. It comes virtually preassembled (roughly 95%) and the remaining assembly will take about 10 minutes. Quick and easy and you’re ready to play in under 10 minutes. Maybe you think that’s worth the Outdoor 15 costing an extra $250 compared to the Cornilleau 700X, but we don’t think so. It’s no secret that assembling ping pong tables can be a pain but it’s worth buying the better table and assembling it yourself than buying an inferior table that comes preassembled – especially when the better table is cheaper.

Storage/Moving – The Outdoor 15 folds up easily for storage, though it isn’t quite as compact as the Cornilleau 700X or 740 Longlife. The 5 inch swiveling wheels make moving the table pretty easy on smooth surfaces but the wheels are a bit small for real outdoor maneuvering. For comparison, the Cornilleau 700X has almost 8 inch wheels and moving that table around outdoors is a breeze. On the bright side, there are locking mechanisms on two of the wheels to lock it in place, unlike the Kettler Cabo.

Playability – Kettler is trying to capture what Cornilleau has been doing for years with their tabletops. But since these tabletops are brand new to Kettler, the quality and longevity remain to be seen. The closest competitors are the Cornilleau 700X and the Cornilleau 740 Longlife. The 740 has a 9mm melamine board and has been around for years- they’re tried and tested and provide excellent ball bounce and longevity. The Outdoor 15 has a 10mm melamine board that is scratch and fade resistant and provides anti-glare technology. The ball bounce is quite good and the anti-glare technology is a nice feature when playing in the sun. All in all, the playability is great on the Outdoor 15 – but the difference between it and the Cornilleau 700X or 740 Longlife is negligible to justify the higher price tag. PRICING HERE

Kettler Outdoor 15 folded

Safety Features – Just like the Kettler Cabo, the Outdoor 15 has Kettler’s new folding/locking mechanism which is safe, simple, and easy to use. With the safety-fold technology with low center of gravity, kids can easily open and close the table without risk of hurting themselves. The DLS – dual locking system – with one-handed locking mechanism makes opening and closing the table easy. Confusingly though, the Outdoor 15 does not have corner padding, unlike the Cornilleau 700X. If you have little kids, we recommend you be careful around the corners.

Advantages – The 10mm melamine tabletop provides great ball bounce and comes with a 10-year warranty. The leg-levelers are a nice feature when playing on uneven surfaces. The fact that it comes 95% preassembled is sure to entice people. ADD TO CART

Disadvantages – Quite a few unfortunately. The wheels aren’t great and there’s no corner padding. Much like the Kettler Cabo, the Outdoor 15 is a brand new table with a new tabletop design (for Kettler) and new locking mechanisms. It’s difficult to know how well this table will last and it’s more expensive than its direct competitors. Cornilleau has been perfecting the shock resistant melamine tabletop for years, offer the same 10-year warranty, and their competitors to the Outdoor 15 (the Cornilleau 700X and Cornilleau 740 Longlife) cost less.