RS Barcelona Folding Outdoor Table

RS Barcelona is pushing the boundaries when it comes to outdoor ping pong tables with design features not seen in years here in the United States. All tables are custom made in Spain and their folding outdoor ping pong table is available in either a black or white playing surface. What makes these tables different? Well, first the design is unique and stylish compared to the average outdoor table tennis table. Modern design with classic colors make for a true conversation piece. We’ve seen these in cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, New York, London. Whether in homes or office meeting rooms, the RS Barcelona offers both functionality and performance. We like the color options as the only other all black top is from Killerspin and it’s a plastic aluminum top compared to the high pressure laminate that RS Barcelona does. Clean lines, great performance, and a classic outdoor ping pong table that will last for years. See the RS Barcelona Stationary table here.

Frame/Design – At 265 pounds this table is solid and stable. The frame is designed with steel and Iroko wood so it’s durable in all weather climates. The HPL top is thick and provides an excellent playing surface for the ping pong enthusiast at your house or business. The legs have levelers, so if you aren’t on the most level playing surface just adjust them accordingly. The frame easily folds up or down and you can even put in into playback mode and practice by yourself. RS Barcelona also sells a similar version of this table, but it’s stationary with no wheels and no structural frame that folds up.  Order HERE

Assembly – The beauty of the RS Barcelona folding outdoor ping pong table is that is arrives already put together. Yes, that means NO assembly required. Just take the table from the box, fold down the legs, attach the net and you are all ready to go. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Storage/Moving – If you need to move the table, the wheels allow for simple maneuverability on patios, decks, etc. Both sides fold up with an easy to use folding mechanism and the table stores compactly. Put the cover on and protect it from the elements when not in use. We have many customers that store the table indoors or in a garage during the harsher winter months.

Playability – The HPL (high pressure laminate) top is suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. Several wineries have purchased this table for their properties so that their guests can use the table while enjoying a day wine tasting and relaxing. The surface is just fine for casual ping pong players looking for a little recreational activity. The bounce is better than most of the outdoor ping pong tables made with an aluminum top. We did find that the glare can be something to contend with on the white table on a sunny day. The black table is another option, although keeping the black tabletop surface perfectly clean is not easy. Overall the playability is a 4 out of 5. GET PRICING HERE

Safety Features – The folding system is safe and easy – takes just a few seconds to open or close each side. There is a central release handle under each end of the table that lets you open and close the table. No corner padding to speak of on the RS Barcelona folding ping pong table. We wish they had a little something like you see on the Cornilleau 500M.

Advantages – Perhaps the biggest one is zero assembly. That’s a huge time or money saver depending on if you are going to do that yourself or hire someone. The table is a conversion piece. Depending on the location, these tables typically draw a crowd. They are not like traditional ping pong tables you see in the average home. They are unique and designed to be part art/part fun. I’ve seen them used as outdoor dining tables and indoor in conference rooms in work environments. So when you think of  the money, consider that table has many purposes. If your yard is small, then having a ping pong table that doubles as a dining table is pretty nice. RS Barcelona has designed a beautiful ping pong table and it’s worth a look.  BUY HERE

Disadvantages – For us the price is pretty high if you are looking for just a recreational outdoor ping pong table. There are many models out there that are $1000. However, we understand the value of something like this and we know home owners and businesses will see that too. I wish the wheels were a bit more heavy duty for transporting it across rocks, grass, uneven pavement. They are really designed for smooth surfaces. Also, the net is not really weatherproof so you will have to protect it if the weather gets bad.