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Cornilleau Nexeo X70 Paddles 4 Player Set

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When Cornilleau released these paddles a few years back they revolutionized how outdoor paddles could play. The Nexeo X70s introduced composite table tennis rackets that featured weather resistant rubbers which could generate spin and control. The Nexeo racket has a sponge backed smooth rubber cover that offers quality of play with optimum speed and spin. The handle has an ergonomic form for an optimal comfortable grip. The Cornilleau Nexeo X70s are ideal for those players just starting to hit with spin and figuring out how to control the ball better. They are not quite as good as the X90s, but they are our #1 selling outdoor paddle!

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Cornilleau Nexeo X70 (4 player set w/6 balls)
Weather Resistant
Ergonomic Handle – Comfortable grip
Durable and long lasting
Spongebacked smooth rubber

1 review for Cornilleau Nexeo X70 Paddles 4 Player Set

  1. Maksym Lysenko (verified owner)

    I bought these Nexeo X70 rackets a few days ago, these are my first quality rackets and they are just perfect! They control the ball very well if you’ve played with cheap rackets from Amazon before, than you can feel the difference right away! The quality of the material is amazing, very convenient and comfortable! I recommend this rackets with Cornilleau balls. You will understand it all when you trying them 🙂 My revive is 5 star!

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