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Best Outdoor Shuffleboard Table

The game of shuffleboard has taken on a new life in the last decade and now shuffleboard tables are turning up in bars, club houses, apartments, resorts, and any gaming areas. What used to be considered an indoor activity is now moving outdoors with weatherproof materials and engineering that will allow the table to function just fine outdoors. Pricing will range from $8000 up to $20000+ for these beautiful outdoor shuffleboard tables. We carry two of the more popular styles – concrete outdoor shuffleboard and the aluminum shuffleboard tables with stainless steel hardware. We have provided images of both kinds on this page for you to see how they look. One is created in Florida and the other at our concrete factory in Oregon.

Frame/Design – On the concrete shuffleboard table we use pre cast 5000 PSI concrete with steel reinforcement and FORTA FERRO fiber reinforcement for the table and legs. Similar in design to our concrete ping pong tables, these are designed to last for decades with minimal care. The 3 leg support system is what allows the tops to be so heavy. The interior bed on the concrete table looks almost identical to the stained wood you find on the wooden indoor shuffleboard tables. We have used a staining method that lets us color the concrete in a way that makes it look identical to indoor models. Surrounding the playing surface is a cork material to keep the pucks from damaging the sides. The aluminum shuffleboard tables are much lighter since the table and playing surface are made with aluminum. Still weatherproof, just not as heavy. The stainless steel hardware is all powder coated. Both styles are sturdy and weather resistant.  ORDER HERE

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Assembly – Depending on which model you purchase, assembly can range from 2 to 3 hours. The concrete model is going to require a hoist or lift to position it. We recommend a commercial forklift to handle the weight and make sure to take precaution as to not harm the tabletop portion while positioning it on the legs.

Playability – We get asked all the time – What’s it like to play on these? Are they similar to an indoor experience. Yes, they are almost identical to indoor play. You can always add or remove shuffleboard powder to get the playing conditions that you prefer. Keep in mind the powders are designed for speed, control, etc. Shop for the right mixture on your table. Of course rain and debris can temporarily make the playing a little tough. There are drain holes on the tables to help get rid of any moisture and we strongly recommend covering the tables when not in use to keep debris and dust off of them. Otherwise, take your shuffleboard tables outdoors and enjoy the sun while playing.

Models: Concrete Shuffleboard Table and the aluminum shuffleboard table