Killerspin MyT4 Pocket Ping Pong Table:

The Killerspin MyT4 BluPocket is the most affordable of their new indoor line of ping pong tables. The MyT4 BluPocket keeps improving on design and convenience. The blue tabletop looks great with the white frame and the red net (you get the idea they are going for – USA). These tables are the easiest in the industry to put together and assemble making them every parents friend come birthdays or Christmas time. You get a true tournament bounce with Killerspin tables and this one is no different. There is a sister table to this, it’s the MyT4 BlackPocket for the same price. That one is designed to be sleek with a black frame, black tabletop, and black net. Everything else is the same otherwise.

killerspin myt4 blu pocket

Frame – It’s the traditional folding frame style design with adjustable feet at the end of each leg. We’ve all been on floors that aren’t quite level but the feet quickly let you level the playing field whether on carpet, hardwoods, or tile. The table arrives in two boxes, each half of the table is pretty much assembled already. Storage is even easier on this model, just unclip the net and fold up into a compact position. Built into the end of the frame (beneath the tabletop) on each end are areas for storing ping pong ball (8 of them) and 2 rackets. The caster wheels have individual locks and they roll smoothly on most indoor surfaces. We like the overall styling and as you can see in the photos, the Killerspin MyT4 BluPocket looks terrific in any garage, basement, game room, office or family room.


Assembly – One of the major selling points of the Killerspin table is how fast you can put them together. They can literally be assembled within 15 minutes. Yes, you didn’t read that wrong. That’s quicker than any other manufacturer on the market. You don’t need to be an engineering guru to get it together. Simply put a few bolts into place and it’s done. The unique 2 piece design is why its’ so easy. The two halves come together and the clip-on net fits between them. You are done! When compared to other brands like Butterfly or Kettler, the Killerspin models make assemble look easy. We have included our assembly video over to the right. It covers the basics for all of the Killerspin MyT Indoor and Outdoor table assemblies.

MyT4 Black Pocket Killerspin

Playability – We’ve always considered this a key feature on any table (indoors or outdoors). You need a consistent ball bounce to become good at this game – think eye hand coordination. If there are dead spots on the tabletop or it gets warped, the bounce will be affected. When you go hit the ball you could miss due to no fault of your own. The MyT4 BluPocket features a 15mm medium density fiberboard with a repeat roller coating surface. The result is a perfectly blue tabletop that provides a true bounce. Whether you are a newbie to the game or a seasoned veteran, the ball bounce will be just fine.

Killerspin MyT4 Black Pocket

Safety – We will say the Killerspin tables are safer than the tables I grew up on. The older tables were always hard to setup and breakdown without having one side potentially fall. The top dogs in the industry are Cornilleau – their safety record and features are unsurpassed and one of the reasons their tables are more expensive. This is the one area we wish Killerspin would improve upon, although we’ve never had an issue with any of their tables.

black pocket MyT4 Killerspin

Reasons to buy – Easy assembly, great design, beautiful tabletop colors, and price are 4 reasons you should purchase this table. At less than $600 it’s a solid investment if you have a growing family, active employees, or just want that occasional weekend match in your garage with the guys. Killerspin has added new features to this model which make it more convenient than ever to play table tennis. Check out all their other models – Killerspin MyT4 BlackPocket, MyT7 BluPocket, MyT10 BlackPocket.