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RS Barcelona Diagonal Billiards Table

RS Barcelona has taken the idea of indoor games to a new level with this beautiful modern billiards table. RS Barcelona treated us to their You and Me and folding ping pong tables along with their collection of wood foosball tables and metal tables. Now they have pushed the elements of design a bit further with the RS Barcelona Diagonal Billiards Table. The classic pool tables found in clubhouses and game rooms have always been bulky and not very sleek. The RS Barcelona Diagonal will change how you view modern design when it comes to billiards. Their table is elegant, modern, and a true head turner. Whether you need to furnish your multifamily clubhouse, the company game room, or that man cave in your own home, check out this gorgeous billiards table.  ADD TO CART

RS Barcelona Diagonal Billiards Table

Frame/Design Structure: Steel with polyester paint. Cloth: Gorina 90% worsted wool and 10% nylon. Slate board: 20 mm thickness 1 piece slate. Legs: Steel with polyester paint and iroko, walnut or oak wood. Cushion: K66 premium rubber cushion.  ORDER HERE

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Assembly – RS Barcelona has always tried to keep things simple when it comes to putting together their products. The RS Barcelona Diagonal Billiards Table is no different, just attach the legs to the lower structure, place the slate board on the structure, then put the frame on the structure. Secure bolts and tighten. They suggest having 3 to 4 people and it should take 30 minutes. No billiards table specialist required to assemble – can be done by anyone.

RS Diagonal Billiards Table

Playability – We found the table to be as good as any other billiards you will find. Available in 7 and 8 foot options, it will fit in most rooms just fine.

Final Thoughts – We hear it from our customers all the time – ‘This tables gets plenty of use simply because it looks unique and stylish’. Many table games go unused but not this one. It’s intriguing design draws people in and before they know it they are racking up the balls and trying a game or two of billiards. After all, what’s the point of purchasing a beautiful billiards table if it just sits there. The RS Barcelona Diagonal will surely get lots of use no matter where you place it. ORDER HERE