Outdoor Ping Pong Paddle Review:

Playing outdoor table tennis can be fun, but you will need the right equipment so that it will last. Sure, you will have to purchase an outdoor ping pong table, but don’t forget about the paddles. Most ping pong paddles meant for indoor conditions simply will not last when exposed to the elements outdoors. Companies like Kettler and Cornilleau have both designed high end outdoor ping pong paddles. Kettler offers up their Halo paddles, Cornilleau has the Tacteo and Nexeo models, and Stiga has the Stiga Flow. Watch the video to the right to learn more.

The Cornilleau Nexeo X70 are weatherproof paddles that are manufactured to be durable and long lasting in all conditions. We were able to compare them to the Kettler Halo paddles. The first obvious difference is the actual hitting surface on the racquets. The Kettler has the soft, smooth rubber but the Cornilleau has more feel – almost like playing with an indoor paddle. We found that hitting with the Cornilleau gave us more spin. When playing outdoors, you have to give up something and I would say control is one thing. You don’t get those pristine indoor conditions to work with. Spin will become critical to keeping the ball in play.

The handles on both paddles were really comfortable with ergonomic grips. Otherwise, they are weighted properly and easy to swing with. I would say the Nexeo x70 series are for those learning to hit with spin and beyond the basic recreational player.

The Cornilleau Tacteo 50 paddles feature a waffle cone face – so you get weather resistance and durability. The blade let me hit with accuracy and control. The Tacteo 50s are really nice for beginner players that are just playing for fun and typically ‘push’ the ball. They are a slight upgrade to the Tacteo 30s which are for true beginners. Both outdoor paddles are available in either sets of 2 or 4.

The Cornilleau Nexeo X90 has a new carbon fiber blade and features sponge backed smooth rubber. It’s completely weather resistant and the comfortable grip on the handle makes playing with it easy. At over $50/paddle, they are expensive and might be beyond the budget of most. Consider the Cornilleau Nexeo X70 paddles if the X90s are too much – you get many of the same features found on the Nexeo X90, just no carbon fiber blade.

**NEW** – The Cornilleau X200s are a new paddle we are carrying starting in 2020. Read the reviews here.

Stiga offers the Stiga Flow for about $25/each. In head to reviews, both the Kettler and Cornilleau paddles receive higher marks and we couldn’t agree more.

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