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RS Barcelona RS2 Metal Foosball Table

When it comes to metal foosball tables, very few companies can compete with the design and style offered by RS Barcelona. All their tables are manufactured in Spain and available in the United States. The RS Barcelona metal foosball table (RS2) is gaining in popularity and you will see these at resorts in Miami, in apartment communities in Los Angeles, and high rise hotels in NYC. RS Barcelona also makes some nice wood foosball tables for outdoor use that are slightly cheaper and they have a different leg design and material. The metal foosball table from RS Barcelona is priced at $6500. ADD TO CART

RS Barcelona RS2 Foosball table

Frame/Design – The table is a stylish, retro-inspired design made out of powder coated stainless steel. On the field, carefully detailed aluminum players are lined up to battle for victory. The durable materials used to make the table means that it is also suitable for outdoor use. The table is available in 7 color options (Inox, white, black, pink, blue, green, and red). Rubber-soled levelers ensure an even playing field for everyone. Stainless steel construction and painted wood handles. You get 4 Integrated cup holders. The HPL playing field (compact high pressure laminate similar to formica) is absolutely perfect for constant action. The centrally located side exit for retrieving the ball after scoring is very convenient.  ORDER HERE

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Assembly – These tables do require assembly, but don’t stress out too much. RS Barcelona tries to keep your time putting the tables together to a minimum. Most of their foosball tables take 30 minutes or less to assemble. These metal foosball tables are no different. Good instructions as well.

Storage/Moving – The overall dimensions are 59″W X 51″D X 38″H. Weight on the table is 218 lbs. You can purchase a cover for the table which runs about $150. The fit is snug and the cover is specifically designed for the RS Barcelona foosball tables. Moving the table is not overly difficult. I’ve moved ours around by myself by putting moving sliders under the feet and pushing it. Very easy. If you do plan on having long periods of inactivity with the table, just put the cover over it. PRICING HERE

Playability – The first thing that jumps out to me is that there is no traditional ball drop area – I’m used to that with all the indoor foosball tables I’ve had. You have to drop the ball into the playing field – watch your fingers. Overall, the play is consistent and the ball rolls true around the board. I get the feeling on this table that it’s a bit old fashioned looking, but with modern style and design. The players are way more detailed than the ones I have on my basic ESPN indoor table. The rods are smooth to move and the counterbalanced men make it easy to play. Always fun to get the family or friend together for a good game of outdoor foosball. If you have a dedicated area by your pool or on a deck, consider the RS Barcelona. It’s designed to last and looks great.

Final Thoughts – At $6500 this table is definitely beyond what most homeowners need. So who is the table for? We have found our sales are to boutique hotels in Miami or Los Angeles with sleek outdoor spaces. The tables are a definite conversation piece and will stand out no matter where they are placed. ORDER HERE