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Kettler Cabo Outdoor Ping Pong Table

The Kettler Cabo is one of Kettler’s newest outdoor tables. Released in July 2020 to replace the Champ 5.0 and more directly compete with the Cornilleau 300X. The Cabo features a 5mm melamine composite tabletop (the first of its kind for Kettler) which is the same style and thickness as the Cornilleau 300X. Kettler redesigned their table style and added a new locking feature on the Cabo as well. The price of the Cabo is $1300 which is hard to justify when the Cornilleau 300X is just $1250.

kettler cabo

Frame/Design – Weighing in about 130 pounds, it’s slightly lighter than the Cornilleau 300X but still sturdy enough to handle outdoor conditions. With the new frame Kettler designed for the Cabo, you get a 1.4 inch steel frame for strong tabletop support and 1.6 inch steel legs which provide a sturdy base. The permanent net system stays in place whether the table is in play position or folded for storage. The net system also offers both height and tension adjustments. The Cabo also offers leg-levelers so you can adjust the table if playing on uneven ground. It has a 5mm melamine composite tabletop (the first of its kind for Kettler) just like the Cornilleau 300X which is scratch resistant and provides anti-glare coating. On both sides of the table by the wheels are paddle and ball holders for easy storage of accessories.

Kettler Cabo Solo Play

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Assembly – The Cabo comes partially pre-assembled. All brackets and leg pieces come pre-attached, which certainly helps speed up assembly. Like most ping pong tables though, assembly will take 60-90 minutes. We highly recommend you follow the instructions as close as possible and remain organized with all your pieces.

Storage/Moving – The Cabo folds up nice and compact for easy storage. The 5.5 inch swiveling wheels make moving the table a breeze but the fact that they don’t lock in place is troubling. For comparison, the Cornilleau 300X has bigger, 6 inch wheels with locking mechanisms. Having the cover included is nice – while the table is weatherproof, we recommend covering the table to help keep it clean.

Playability – The 5mm composite melamine tabletop provides excellent ball bounce and is completely weatherproof. The dense surface is shock resistant, which is a great step up from Kettler’s old aluminum tabletops which could dent easily. The tabletop is fade resistant and provides anti-glare – which means it will hold up well in all weather climates. Overall the Cabo is a good table with reliable bounce – its closest competitor is the Cornilleau 300X. It has the same tabletop thickness and material, but the 300X is slightly cheaper.

Kettler Cabo Folded

Safety Features – The new folding system is safe and easy. With the Safety-fold technology with low center of gravity, kids can easily open and close the table without injuring themselves. The DLS – dual locking system – with one-handed locking mechanism makes opening and closing the table a breeze. Unfortunately it does not come with corner padding so if you have little kids, be careful around the edges.

Advantages – The bundle is nice – you don’t have to think about accessories and which paddles to get, Kettler just takes care of that for you. The tabletop has great ball bounce, won’t dent and comes with a 10-year warranty. The leg-levelers are a nice feature if you’re setting up the table on uneven ground.

Disadvantages – More expensive than its direct competitor (the Cornilleau 300X) without the proven track record of durability and longevity. The Cabo is a new table and Kettler changed a lot (tabletop, frame, locking mechanism). While the table certainly feels sturdy and the tabletop plays great, it’s difficult to recommend over the Cornilleau 300X when you factor in the cost.