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Cornilleau 400X Outdoor Table Tennis Table

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The Cornilleau 400X outdoor table tennis table is new and one that families are purchasing. It’s a step up from the Cornilleau 300X with a stronger frame and better ball bounce. Cornilleau added a score keeper to this model as well. It is lacking the corner protection like the 300X, but not every customer needs that feature. You will find 4 corners with exposed metal on this model. We do like the 10 year warranty on the tabletop (no warping, chipping or cracking). Excellent for backyard play with family and friends. You can leave it outdoors year round (although we suggest covering it in the winter). The melamine playing surface is the best in the industry and it is shock resistant and weatherproof. All in all, a great entry level table for outdoor ping pong.  LATEST PRICING ON 400X HERE

Frame/Design – This a single base ping pong table with a support beam that goes across the middle of the table and is supported by steel bars/legs. It is the same frame style as the more expensive 500X, 600X, and 700X from Cornilleau. You are losing a little strength in the frame compared to those models, but for the average recreational player, this table will do just fine. The design makes for easy moving of the table and it can fold up and down within seconds. There is storage on the side panels for balls/paddles which we like. ORDER HERE

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Playing Surface – One big question on all these tables is – what is the ball bounce like?  It’s better than most other brands (Killerspin/JOOLA/Stiga) since those companies use plastic or plastic aluminum for their tabletop surfaces. Cornilleau use a 5mm thick melamine board for the Cornilleau 400X and we say the ball bounce is average. Of course you can spend more for the higher models from Cornilleau (500X, 600X, 700X) but not all families need that. I have played on the 400X (see the video below) and my neighbors/friends absolutely love that it can stay outdoors year round and not get ruined. It offers a full 10 year warranty on the tabletops. Very solid.  ADD TO CART

Safety Features – the opening and closing mechanism on Cornilleau tables is the safest in the industry. With a single release of a handle, you can open or close the table safely and all within seconds. There are 2 locks on the wheels so you can lock the table into place once it’s all setup. Families really like the European standards for safety compared to US based models.

Assembly – The good news here is that we offer an assembly video you can follow along with. With a socket wrench and a little patience, it can be done in 90 minutes. Also, you can hire someone to assemble the table if you are not willing to take on that challenge. Other brands might be easier to assemble, but they are not as sturdy or stable due to their 2 individual tabletop designs where the net holds the tops together. Cornilleau uses a single base design that’s built to last and is much more stable. Assembly is worth the extra effort for a solid table.

Moving/Storage – Easy to fold up and down in seconds and moves easily with the 4 large wheels. Stores compactly in garages, against houses or just leave it open during the Summer weather (no need to fold up and close every day).

Other Features – Table can be put into playback mode (see picture above) if you want to practice on your own. There are adjustable feet on the legs. The ball joint design allows for excellent leveling ability and the legs are height adjustable as well. The higher end Cornilleau tables offer more features like ball dispensers, cup holders, a lift bar, and more. We have full reviews on all the models.