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Cornilleau Lifestyle Ping Pong Table/Dining Table

Cornilleau has always been the leader in outdoor ping pong tables and the release of the Cornilleau Lifestyle ping pong table continues that tradition. This dual purpose outdoor table combines playing ping pong outdoors and being able to enjoy the same table for dining purposes. Other brands like RS Barcelona and Kettler have stationary ping pong tables that double as an outdoor dining table, but Cornilleau has outdone them both with quality, styling, and durability. The 10 year warranty on the tabletops is what really sets Cornilleau apart from the competition and the design of this new table will make outdoor enthusiasts very happy. LATEST PRICING ON Cornilleau Lifestyle HERE

Frame/Design – The frame is made with either black or white painted Aluzinc and the legs are done with Moabi wood. At the bottom of the legs are a 3D adjustable foot so you can almost always get a level paying surface. There is a small drop down drawer under one side of the table that will hold rackets and balls. The net is a standard mesh net (white or black painted metal net that is removable if an option) if you want to use the table for dining purposes or entertaining. The overall table weight is 168 lbs. ORDER HERE

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Playing Surface – The 6MM outdoor resin laminate tabletop is ideal for any outdoor climate. With a 10 year warranty and excellent ball bounce, the Cornilleau Lifestyle will impress all those that use it. The Mattop anti-glare coating makes outdoor ping pong possible even in sunny conditions. We’ve tested this table in all climates and the durability is exactly like the other Cornilleau tabletops that withstand rain, sun, cold, heat, snow, etc. Ball bounce is similar to the Cornilleau 510 stationary and Cornilleau 600X – both are considered excellent for recreational play. The surface is easy to clean with a wet cloth if it gets dusty/dirty and liquid spills are simple to wipe up as well.  ADD TO CART

Assembly – Stationary tables are notorious for being the easiest to assemble of all ping pong tables on the market. With essentially no moving parts, assembly is mostly attaching the frame to the tabletop and then the legs to the frame. Give yourself 45 minutes to 1 hour to do this project and definitely have a 2nd pair of hands when lifting the tabletops into position and turning the table over when done. At the 168 lbs, the table is definitely heavy, but still moveable with a few strong people.

Positives – The styling and design are really what this table is all about. Play outdoor ping pong on this table all day and then transition to a dining table in the evening for dinner or drinks. With a magnetic net, you can easily remove the net and go from pong to dining in minutes. ADD TO CART

Drawbacks – The table is not foldable or movable with wheels. You will need to have a fairly dedicated area for the table and probably want to purchase a cover for it to keep it clean and free of debris.