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Kettler Outdoor 10 Table:

Looking for a high end Kettler outdoor table tennis table? The Kettler Outdoor 10 could be the one for you. We have tested all their other models (Kettler Outdoor 6, Cabo, etc.) and this one is definitely the nicest of the bunch. Everything about the Kettler Outdoor 10 shouts out ‘quality’. The 2” wide square steel legs and solid crossbeams on both ends make the table durable and stable in all environments. The Kettler Cabo is similar in many ways, but there are a few features on the Kettler Outdoor 10 that the Cabo does not offer. We especially like the new and improved opening and closing mechanism on the Outdoor 10 table that requires only one hand to do it. The only other tables with as simple a design are the Cornilleau 500x or Cornilleau 600x. We will compare the Kettler Outdoor 10 to the Cornilleau models (500X, and 600X) as well as the Kettler Cabo and similar tables in the $1200 to $2000 range. ADD TO CART


Frame/Design – The Kettler Outdoor 10 weatherproof ping pong table offers things like the new melamine tabletop. Previously only offered by Cornilleau, Kettler has entered into the modern era and gone away with the cheaper aluminum tops. The high impact resin apron that goes around the outer edge of the table not only protects the Kettler from damage, but it helps the top resist warping. The water based topcoat is scratch, fade and UV resistant – this means the table will hold up well outdoors, even in the scorching sun. How about the design? Outdoor tables don’t get much sturdier than this one (only the Cornilleau 600X Outdoor is better in our eyes). The Kettler features 2 inch square steel legs that are both resistant to scratches and corrosion due to the galvanized treatment and powder coating the table gets during manufacturing. Another nice touch is that the legs have levelers – you no longer have to worry about uneven playing areas like dirt or grass. Just adjust the legs and get that level surface that makes for better ping pong action. There is a ball box for holding extra ping pong balls and a handy dispenser at the tables end.


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Playability – The weatherproof net is adjustable for tension and height. On the side of the table is an elastic band area for storing racquets or other gear. Overall the weatherproof melamine tabletop performs admirably. You get a true bounce no matter where the ball bounces on the playing surface (Cornilleau tables offer better ball bounce). The tabletop does not resist scuff marks as well as the Cornilleau 600X or 510, but the Kettler Outdoor 10 is very durable. It’s the type of outdoor ping pong table that could be used recreationally as well as in high traffic areas of resorts, schools, on cruise ships, or in office game rooms.


Assembly – Assembly is quick – 90 to 120 minutes. The video to the right will show you a step by step procedure to get the table up and running as smoothly as possible. Our experience with playing on this table has been excellent and we’ve used it at neighborhood get togethers, company parties, and more. Compared to other tables, assembly is average in terms of time involved. There is one point where you will need a second person to help with lifting the tabletop into position.


Storage/Moving – The 4 ½ inch dual swiveling heavy duty wheels (see photos below) let you maneuver the Kettler on pavement, grass, dirt, you name it. Two of the wheels have a locking mechanism so once in place the table is sturdy and secure. Playback mode is offered if you need it and the table folds into a compact storage position as well. What we really like on the Outdoor 10 table from Kettler is the single hand locking system – very similar in function to the Cornilleau 600X. It’s easy to use and the cable design is meant for safety. We suggest a cover for the table if it will be stored outdoors for long periods of time with no use.

Safety Features – The Kettler Outdoor 10 offers a removable soft-touch edge protector that you can see in the video to the right showing all the features. It’s really creative the way the feature works. The corner pad protects not only the table from getting damaged but it protects players from accidentally banging into a sharp corner when playing. Also, the innovative single hand locking system keeps the table safe for those of all ages when opening and closing it up. The cable system is smooth and easy to use – similar to the way you can close the Cornilleau 600X with one hand.


Advantages – Overall Rating – We give the table 5 out of 5 stars for durability, playability, stability, and longevity. Kettler has put all the best into this table and it’s worth the premium in price.  It lists for around $1850 and comes with HALO 5.0 outdoor racquets, a table tennis cover, and ping pong balls. GET PRICING HERE


Disadvantages – It’s really hard to find anything wrong with the Kettler Outdoor 10 ping pong table. Sure, you could bring up the price as being a deterrent. It costs about $1850, right around the same price as the Cornilleau 500X, but still below the 600X in price. The wheels could be more heavy duty and the leg levelers could work slightly better, but again we are being overly critical at this point.