Cornilleau 540 Indoor Table Tennis Table:

We have always strongly recommended the Cornilleau line of outdoor ping pong tables, but their indoor tables are high quality as well. The Cornilleau 540 Indoor is certified for competitive play by the ITTF. This is the type of table you will see in schools, office game rooms, YMCA’s, and family entertainment rooms. With a 7/8 inch tabletop surface, leg levelers, and a galvanized steel frame, the Cornilleau 540 is built to last and provide high quality table tennis action. At $1850 it’s considered a high end indoor ping pong table that compares to the Stiga Expert Roller, Butterfly Europa 25, and the Cornilleau Performance 500 Indoor.

cornilleau 540 indoor

The playing surface is 22mm thick and the supporting frame is 50mm in thickness. The SKILTOP coating on the tabletop provides a consistent and reliable bounce. For skilled players, you will get excellent adherence to the playing surface and have your spins react perfectly. That is one reason we see this table quite often in tournament environments. The quality construction, durability, and reliability make it the perfect choice for competition play.

cornilleau 540 indoor table

Cornilleau has always been first rate when it comes to safety features on their ping pong tables. The Cornilleau 540 Indoor is no different with their DSI system with 16 locking points. There is a central handle that allows you to open and close the table all by yourself safely. We like that when the table is in storage or playing modes, it’s fully locked into position. When you are not using the table, simply put it into storage mode and it stores compactly. The table is also wheelchair friendly.

cornilleau 540 indoor ping pong table

Cornilleau also came up with some added features on the table that we appreciate. The leg levelers are always handy when you are trying to level the table on an uneven playing surface. Just adjust the height on the legs – they are easy to twist up or down. The table weighs in at over 200 pounds, so it’s sturdy and durable.

cornilleau 540

Assembly – Takes about 1 hour if you follow the directions they provide. Cornilleau tables are considered to be easier to assemble than say Kettler or Butterfly models. Many of the Cornilleau ping pong tables have assembly videos posted online for you to view and follow along too.

You get twin wheels on both sides of the table. All wheels have brakes so you can secure the table into place once you have it all setup. The wheels are easy to move on hardwood floors, carpets, tile, etc. The ITTF fixed net posts can be adjusted for both height and tension.

cornilleau indoor 540

Overall opinion – the few times we’ve played on this table it’s performed perfectly. At around $1850 it’s a quality indoor table with very few flaws. If you have the additional $650, we would consider the Cornilleau 740 ITTF Indoor table for $2500. The Cornilleau 740 is truly a tournament level table that is seen in table tennis clubs and ping pong tournaments worldwide. If the extra money is not in your budget, stick with the Cornilleau 540 or the Butterfly Europa 25 – both excellent options.