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Cornilleau Black Code

The Cornilleau Black Code is one of the latest ping pong tables just released in the United States. We were able to test and review this outdoor ping pong table (see the video review to the right). The Black Code from Cornilleau is the similar body and styling of the Cornilleau 400X – a table that was predominantly available in Europe but not the United States until now. This review will compare the Killerspin Blackstorm tables that have black tabletops versus the Cornilleau Black Code. The first thing that we can tell you is that the Cornilleau Black Code comes with a 10 year warranty vs just 1 year for Killerspin. Huge difference on durability, ball bounce, and warranty levels. The Cornilleau table has a melamine board top with a resin laminate finish which provides an ultra-durable tabletop with superior bounce. It’s not even close when you look at the Killerspin tabletops that are currently done with plastic/aluminum materials. ADD TO CART

Frame/Design – At nearly 145 pounds, the Cornilleau Black Code is lighter than the Cornilleau 500X and 600X but still sturdy enough to handle outdoor playing conditions. The net system is designed to last in the elements as the weather-resistent polyester net system offers both height and tension adjustments and it will fold up when in storage position.  The Black Code outdoor has adjustable foot pads that are easy to maneuver so playing on grass, dirt, decks, and patio surfaces is simple. You get a 5mm resin laminate black tabletop playing surface, superior in our eyes to the aluminum composite tabletops you find on the Killerspin tables with black tops. The 1 ½ inch steel frame has been galvanized so it stands up to all weather conditions and won’t rust or corrode. The steel legs are encapsulated in resin providing superior longevity and durability compared to the competition.  ORDER HERE

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Assembly – You are looking at about 90 minutes if you read the directions (or watch the video) and are organized. We highly recommend watching the video we have provided on our website which shows a step by step installation of the Cornilleau Black Code Outdoor table. You’ll be able to follow along with your tablet/computer while assembling the ping pong table. Yes, some brands take less time to assemble, but we like the quality construction and materials you find on the Cornilleau better. We say the extra time involved for assembly is worth it in the long run.

Storage/Moving – Want to move the table? The 6 inch double-wheel casters make moving the Black Code Cornilleau easy. There is a brake on each wheel so once you have the table where you want it, set the brake and play some ping pong. Playback mode is great if you need the extra practice and no one is around to play with you. A cover, although not necessarily needed since the table is weatherproof, is recommended to keep the table clean and free of dust/debris. Storage is just as compact on the Black Code as it is on the Killerspin or Kettler models. PRICING HERE

Playability – The 5mm resin laminate top is designed to provide consistent ball bounces and be completely weatherproof for years. The dense, hard playing surface is as close to an indoor surface as you’ll find. The only other models that are superior are the Cornilleau 500X, Cornilleau 600X, and 700X. Instead of the MATTOP finish found on higher end models, you get the Soft Mat finish on the tabletop – still very effective for ball bounce and holding up in rain, sun, snow or whatever the weather throws your way. Overall we like the Black Code as it performs solidly – ball bounce is consistent and reliable, limited glare from tabletop in the sun, and easy to store when not in use. In this price range, the Cornilleau Black Code is superior to the Kettler Cabo and the Killerspin Outdoor tables.

Safety Features – The folding system is safe and easy – designed so that kids can do it without injuring themselves. There is a central release handle (see the white handle on the underside of the table in the photos) that lets you open and close the table with one hand. The other outdoor ping pong tables don’t offer this feature and that is one reason owners love Cornilleau so much. The DSI system has 16 locking points between the full playing position and storage mode. Best safety rating for ping pong tables! There is corner protection padding on this model, something you won’t find on the Cornilleau 300X.

Advantages – If you are in the market for an outdoor ping pong table with a black top, then definitely go with the Cornilleau Black Code. The outdoor table features a beautiful 5mm resin laminate top, excellent ball bounce, sturdy frame and wheels, and compact storage. Add in all the safety features on Cornilleau ping pong tables and their superior manufacturing and you are buying a high end product. Compared to the Kettler Cabo and Killerspin models, Cornilleau beats them out in almost all areas. ORDER HERE

Disadvantages – Not much we can mention here since the Cornilleau Black Code performs near perfect for us and owners across the world. When you look for defects or faults in the Cornilleau brand, rarely does anything come up. They have literally thought of everything on the table. If we had to get picky, a thicker playing top would be nice and a slightly sturdier frame. All those features come on their 500X and 600X models which are more expensive. Overall it’s a great table with few complaints from us.