Butterfly Easifold Rollaway Table Tennis Table:

Over the years our reviews have always been hard on Butterfly tables for several reasons. They typically had the hardest assembly process on earth (that has changed) and long term durability of their tables was suspect compared to the competition. They have improved in both areas and kept the pricing quite low. The Butterfly Easifold Rollaway comes with a 3 year warranty and is available in either a green or blue tabletop surface. Personally I like the blue better than the green. Most of the competition for Butterfly in this price range comes from Killerspin or Stiga. The new Killerspin MyT4 and MyT5 Pocket series are priced fairly and look great. We will compare and contrast the tables below in our review.

butterfly easifold rollaway

Frame/Design – The table features support bars between the legs. This is a design feature you won’t see on many ping pong tables in this price range. The steel frame provides plenty of overall strength for a table that weighs in excess of 180 pounds. The height adjuster on each leg is truly a necessity. Whether you put the table on carpet, hardwoods, or cement floors, having the ability to raise or lower the legs to get things level is very nice. We all know that basements and garage floors aren’t the most level surfaces to begin with. The frame design is what most manufacturers are going to so that assembly is much easier. You get two separate halves that connect together with the net post. Great for storing the table compactly, although the net does have to be removed each time you put the table away. Overall the Butterfly Easifold Rollaway has a strong and convenient folding frame style that makes it easy on owners. The Killerspin tables have a similar design.

butterfly easifold rollaway indoor

Playability – The 19mm high density pressed board tabletop on the Butterfly Easifold supplies an average ball bounce. The tabletop thickness is one of the key factors in determining ping pong ball bounce. The rule of thumb is the thicker the tabletop, the better the ball bounce. The competition on the Killerspin MyT5 Pocket has a 16mm top and the MyT7 has an 18mm bounce. We’ve played on both and don’t necessarily notice a difference in bounce compared to the Butterfly. In fact, both manufacturers have very similar table designs, tops, wheels, nets, etc. So really it might come down to looks and color when comparing brands like Killerspin and Butterfly. Price is almost the same.


butterfly easifold rollaway green

Assembly – Butterfly finally released a ping pong table that is easy to assemble. When we say easy, we are talking 15 minutes. They realized that competition from Killerspin was hurting their business. Killerspin is notorious for simple assembly procedures in the industry. The Butterfly Easifold Rollaway table is essentially two separate halves that come together as one with the net holding them down the middle. Attach the wheels to the legs and then put on the net. A+ for making assembly so quick. You can view the assembly instructions HERE


Safety – The double locking mechanism is pretty much standard on the Butterfly tables these days. It’s perfect for keeping the table from accidentally opening or closing. There are magenta corner pieces that protect the corners of the table from damage. Cornilleau offers superior safety ratings, but you will pay a significant price for that feature.

butterfly easifold rollaway playback mode

Advantages – Assembly ease is a huge plus. The locking wheels that roll smoothly are really nice when maneuvering the table around. We like that the table is offered in blue or green. At around $600, the table is priced just right for family usage.

butterfly easifold rollaway storage mode


Disadvantages – Although the table is easy to assemble, there are a few drawbacks to this design. The first is that the net post has to be removed each time you put the table away. The Cornilleau models store away without having to remove the net. Ball bounce could be slightly better.