Best Ping Pong Balls:

Growing up with a family of ping pong players, we went through ping pong balls very quickly. We literally would crack 2 or 3 a day playing and that was just from hitting them so much. Ping pong balls are not the most durable items in the world. The best table tennis balls respond to spins and racket speed produced by the player. The harder you hit the ball, the more ‘action’ you can get from it. The 40mm ball is the standard size and weight as defined by the ITTF. The Stiga 6 pack of balls that sells for $5 is a great starter set for beginners. The balls give you better control, consistent bounce, longer rallys, and superior spin. When you first start out playing ping pong, the best way to get better is practice. GET 72 BALL PACK HERE

We suggest buying the Cornilleau 72 Count – White so that you have lots of balls on hand to hit and hit. Repitition is the key to anything and ping pong is no different. It probably doesn’t matter that you purchase the best balls, but have a lot available so you can practice without having to collect the balls all the time. I used to have my dad ‘feed’ me balls one after another so that I could get into a good rhythm and groove my swings. Once you develop that feel when hitting the ping pong ball, you can really improve your game in a hurry. We didn’t have the training aids available to use back then, but now there are ball feeders you can buy that literally act like an opponent.

The Newgy Robo-Pong 1040 – Ping-Pong Robot is just the solution for anyone trying to get better at ping pong that doesn’t have a consistent hitting partner. The machine holds up to 200 balls and will deliver them across the table to you at varying speeds, frequency, and spins. We can’t say enough about the Newgy products. Most table or rackets you buy will come with some balls, but if you want to have plenty to play with, consider buying more. They will break no matter the playing style after a while. Even if you hit soft and with no spin, the balls crack along the seams. In order to check if a ball has a crack, put the ball on the table and then put your paddle on top of the ball. Roll your paddle around while it’s sitting flush against the ball. You will hear the crack if it has one. All our paddles sets come with 6 balls. If you want a larger quantity – you can get 72 PING PONG balls here.

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If you are looking for a new ball, consider the Cornilleau P-Ball 72 Pack.

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These are the cheap ping pong balls – but they are totally acceptable for recreational play.