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Cornilleau 700X Outdoor Ping Pong Table

The Cornilleau 700X outdoor ping pong table is the best you can buy for a residential location. We have used all the Cornilleau tables and we love the features, ball bounce, and durability on this model. It’s a loaded table. The Cornilleau 740 Longlife is the only other table we can compare this one to. The 740 Longlife is amazing as well, but it lacks a few of the residential features that some people like – corner protection, ball dispensers, paddle holders, large wheels. The 740 Longlife does have a thicker tabletop compared to the 700X, but only by 1 mm. Overall, the Cornilleau 700X ping pong table is durable, sturdy (at close to 220 lbs), and excellent for outdoor ping pong. The ball bounce is excellent and close to an indoor bounce. The tabletops are shock proof so they last. The 10 year warranty on the tabletops is great (no warping no cracking, no chips). LATEST PRICING ON 700X HERE

Frame/Design – Here is where this model really stands out compared to other flimsy brands. The Cornilleau 700X outdoor table has an extremely strong frame and support system. The thicker gauge steel sets it apart in terms of strength and overall sturdiness. The design makes it simple to open and close the table within seconds and it doesn’t take 2 people or having to remove the net. The retractable net system is compact and perfect for storage. The design has adjustable legs, paddle/ball orders, ball dispensers, a cup holder, score keeper and extra storage on the side panels. Reviews on this table are always excellent as there are no weaknesses. We have used the 700X table quite a bit (see our video below) and find it to be the perfect blend of elegance, strength and convenience. Such a pleasure to play on a quality outdoor table. ORDER HERE

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Playing Surface – The 8mm playing surface is done with a melamine top – the best you can buy. Only the 9mm Cornilleau 740 Longlife has a thicker top, but as noted above, you are going to forego some features if you choose the 740 Longife. The ball bounce is excellent on the 700X – I regularly use the table with table tennis friends from our local club and they are amazed that an outdoor table has such a true bounce that is like an indoor bounce. The tabletop takes on spin and allows for higher rated players to really showcase their skills. Whether you hit with topspin or underspin, the 700X ping pong table playing surface will provide a true rebound of the ball. We have tried other brands (Killerspin, JOOLA, Stiga, etc) and there is no comparison. Those companies use other types of tabletop materials that are inferior and don’t last. If you want an outdoor ping pong table that will amaze your friends and keep your family busy for hours, consider the Cornilleau 700X.  ADD TO CART

Safety Features – The DSI Locking System is the best in the industry – we love that Cornilleau thinks safety first. The European standards are much more strict than what we find in the USA. Cornilleau has an easy to open/close table that is safe for all ages. They also offer corner protection padding on the 700X and wheel locks.

Assembly – Not difficult, but not easy. With a socket wrench and two people, this assembly can be done in 90 minutes. Watch the assembly video to help guide you along the way. Some customers choose to hire a handyperson to do the assembly and that is fine. The end product is amazing and well worth the time invested in assembling the Cornilleau 700X.

Moving/Storage – There are 4 sets of double wheels (brakes on all wheels). Easily roll the table to where you want to go and secure in place with the brake system. We have found the wheels to be heavy duty enough to roll across grass, dirt, and rocks. The lift bar handle that Cornilleau put on the table between the wheels helps you get leverage to maneuver and lift the table over or around obstacles like steps, doorways, shrubs, etc. The weatherproof net on the Cornilleau 700X is both adjustable for height and tension. Another feature of the net that is unique to these tables is that the net is retractable. The net will retract between the two panels when going into storage mode. That way the table can fit into tighter spaces with nothing hanging off the edge. To put the table into storage mode, simply reach down below the table and grab the orange handle and pull. It’s a one man job and very safe to use.

Other Features – There is storage on the side of the table (above the wheels and below the net) for 4 ping pong paddles and 8 ping pong balls. We also like the ball dispensers that are placed right below the end of the table where a player can quickly and easily grab a new ball and put it into play and not have to chase a ball every time it goes off the table. Again, the little things that Cornilleau includes with their tables makes all the difference when you are looking for the best ping pong table.