Killerspin MyT10 BlackStorm Outdoor Table:

The new lineup of Killerspin outdoor ping pong tables are a formidable bunch. The Killerspin MyT10 Blackstorm is the best of the group. We feel like the MyT10 BlackStorm is a step up from the Killerspin MyT Wild (previous generation table). Killerspin has always been on the cutting edge of design and functionality. They produce tables that not only look great indoors or outdoors, the tables are easy to put together. Who wants to spend 2 hours assembling a complicated table tennis table when you can be done in 15 minutes with all the Killerspin models. The Killerspin MyT10 BlackStorm outdoor ping pong table is no different and we will go into all the features that set this table apart from the competition. GET LATEST PRICING HERE


Frame/Design – The first thing that you notice is the all black frame and tabletop. The 1 2/5-inch powder-coated steel frame is sturdy and durable enough to last outdoors year round. The 6mm black Aluminum-Plastic top is completely weatherproof and looks incredible in any outdoor location (just view some of the images we have on this page). Outdoor ping pong is becoming quite popular at resorts, schools, and backyards. Why not join that group and get this perfect outdoor table for under $1300. For comparison, the Cornilleau 400M is priced about the same and offers similar playing surface capabilities but not quite the same assembly ease.


Playability – The Killerspin outdoor tables are designed to look great and provide entertainment at outdoor parties. The MyT10 BlackStorm will do just that with adjustable feet so you can always get that level playing surface no matter where you are at. The feet are easy to adjust so raise or lower the table on grass, dirt, pavement, etc. The 3 inch caster wheels are standard on Killerspin tables and with individual locks you can set the table in place on any surface. Rolling the table around pavement or decks couldn’t be easier. We do like the sturdier (larger) wheels found on the Cornilleau models, but Killerspin wheels work just fine. Each tabletop half will fold up so you can go into playback mode safely and easily.


Assembly – This is where the Killerspin tables shine compared to Cornilleau, Kettler and Butterfly outdoor ping pong tables. The Killerspin tables (both outdoor and indoor) are considered the easiest in the industry to put together and get up and running. JOOLA is really the only other manufacturer that has tables that can be assembled in 20 minutes or less. Think about Christmas Eve as a parent and trying to put together a ping pong table. You want it to get done quickly.


Advantages – The first advantage is ease of assembly. The second feature we really like are the paddle and ball holders that are conveniently located on the ends of the table. These are new additions to the latest Killerspin tables. Storage is really compact with these Killerspin tables too – the two halves secure into small areas.


Disadvantages – The only real disadvantage might be the price. With two other options from Killerspin it just depends on what you need for your outdoor table tennis needs. We like the MyT7 Storm at less than $1000 and the MyT7 Breeze for around the same price is great for families. We see more of the MyT10 BlackStorm at resorts and facilities where they require a heavier duty table that gets daily use. You will need to determine your needs and who will be using the table – then you can choose which KillerSpin table makes sense for you.