You and Me Ping Pong Table

RS Barcelona is a Spanish design company and they have been producing beautiful furniture pieces for a long time. Their latest innovation are the RS Barcelona You and Me ping pong tables.  The tables come in standard size and some are smaller if needed for a confined office area. We will focus our attention on the standard size You and Me table tennis table in this review. The table itself is simple, yet elegant and goes well in hotel lobbies, company meeting rooms, or modern apartment communities. We’ve sold them into all types of locations and they still turn heads when people first see them. I honestly believe it’s the simplicity of the table that sets it apart. The table can double as a dining table if needed and it can be left outdoors year round. Versatility is another reason they are so popular in companies. We can even have a logo designed on the tabletop and customized just for your business. Call us for details at 866-926-3839.

Frame/Design – Although there is not much to the frame besides the basic legs, that’s the beauty behind the table. The surface is made of steel and laminate and legs of iroko wood. Put all the bats/balls into the side drawer and hidden away completely. The weatherproof materials allows this ping pong table to play outdoors and last in the elements. We prefer the white table just because it’s easier to manage outdoors. The black version requires a little more care due to fading of the color in sunlight. The design is much cleaner than other outdoor tables with bulky undercarriages, wheels, etc. RS Barcelona has created a luxury ping pong table that will be stylish for years to come.

See the Cornilleau Lifestyle table for Comparsion

Assembly – Assembly is rather quick on these tables. Just attach the legs and net system and you are ready to play. It can’t get much easier. With no wheels or undercarriages to deal with, assembling the RS Barcelona You and Me table takes less than 20 minutes.  ORDER HERE

Storage/Moving – This table is a stationary table – there are no wheels or foldable frame. The good news is that the table can double as a dining table or a conference room table. When not in use, we’ve seen these in company board rooms or meeting rooms. When the meeting is over, clear off the table and play some ping pong with your co-workers or clients to relax and unwind. There are covers if you want to keep the table clean when using it outdoors.

Performance – This is the real question for ping pong enthusiasts and purists. The You and Me ping pong table from RS Barcelona does play exceptionally well for what looks to be your average dining table. The playing surface is quite comparable to the better indoor and outdoor ping pong tables. We found that spin is effective, but not quite as good as you will find on the dedicated indoor tables from Butterfly or Cornilleau. The solid legs and steel frame help support the high pressure laminate (HPL) playing surface and this provides quality ball bounce and stability. Overall, it was a good experience playing on the table and one we would recommend for business environments, resorts, and apartments. I think those in residential locations might be better off with a less expensive option.

Advantages – We really like the design aesthetics of the RS Barcelona tables. The You and Me ping pong table is the type of table tennis table that will catch your eye. It’s always a great sight when you get up from a business meeting in a conference room and you tell your clients the table is actually a ping pong table. It’s really an icebreaker in those situations. The table is easy to put together and is completely weatherproof – so spilling drinks on it won’t ruin it. Ball bounce is above average on this tabletop surface. ADD TO CART

Disadvantages – The table is stationary, so storing it can be an issue for some. It can’t be folded up and stored compactly like other rollaway style tables. Also, the black finish can fade if left in the direct sunlight for longer periods of time. They recommend putting black tables under a covered outdoor space with no direct sunlight if possible. Not the end of the world, but something to consider if you like the black finish on the table. Ball bounce is not as good as the Cornilleau outdoor tables.