Cornilleau 850 Wood Indoor Review:

Want a ping pong table that is the center of attention no matter what room it goes in? Cornilleau designed the 850 Wood Indoor table tennis table so that it stands out with a modern look and feel to it. The Cornilleau 850 Wood Indoor ping pong table is elegant and truly a piece of art. Did we mention you can play ping pong on it? We’ve seen these tables – often in homes worth millions and at table tennis clubs and tournaments throughout the world. The 25mm chipboard tabletop provides all the adherence you need for competition play. The grey panel is ITTF approved works great so you get contrast to the ball and it’s non-reflecting so lights from above won’t affect your vision of play. The paint is water based and environmentally friendly. Cornilleau has thought of nearly everything on this incredible indoor table. For interior designers, your clients may well love the introduction of this table to your project. We will review all the features of the table below. There is not much competition in this price range, except for the Killerspin Revolution Series.

cornilleau 850 wood

Frame – The frame of the Cornilleau 850 Wood Indoor looks traditional enough, although it does have an aesthetic that goes beyond most tables. The wood legs help support the heavy tabletop and the center portion of the frame is very solid. In comparison, the Killerspin Revolution Series have an arched design that is dramatically different than most indoor tables. The frame on the 850 Wood is actually angled on the sides – so little touches like that make it unique. There is a retractable permanent net post which is very beneficial when storing the table in tight spots. The leg dimensions are 120 x 60mm and the frame measures 70mm. Overall a very beautiful table that plays as well as looks.


Playability – With a 1 inch thick high density playing surface you get a true tournament bounce that is spin sensitive and designed for competition play. The chipboard 25mm tabletop with Skiltop looks and plays great. We really like the grey color, very few indoor tables offer that. The wheels make it easy to maneuver indoors and once in place, the Cornilleau 850 Wood Indoor is stable and solid at 300 pounds. Four of the wheels have brakes to hold the table in position if needed.


Advantages – Unlike the Killerspin Revolution series and other similar tables in this price range, the Cornilleau 850 Wood Indoor is foldable and can be stored rather compactly. The rubber ball bearing caster wheels make moving this behemoth of 300 pounds rather easy. The solid wooden legs provide stability and the adjustable feet provide a level playing surface no matter what. The table is also wheelchair friendly.


Disadvantages – We will say it, the price is a bit steep. At $3000+ this table is not for the regular recreational player. There are also no paddle or ball holders on the table. Something we wish it had.