Butterfly Personal Rollaway Indoor Ping Pong Table:

The Butterfly Personal Rollaway is another excellent ping pong table offered by Butterfly. Priced at under $400, the table competes directly with the JOOLA Inside, STIGA InstaPlay, and Killerspin MyT5. The Butterfly TR21 Personal Rollaway has been around for years and the biggest complaint with it is the assembly process. It’s not only tedious but the instructions were less than clear. Yes, you can make it through the assembly, but if that sounds like a chore, consider the Butterfly Easifold models that were recently released in the same price range. They are much easier to assemble (20 minutes or so) and play very similarly. The Butterfly TR21 is a classic and therefore worth a look for those seeking out a good recreational table tennis table. Read our full review below.


Design/Frame – The frame is really pretty minimal given the time involved to put this table together. Butterfly has recently transitioned to a new style frame that you can find on the Butterfly Easifold 19 Rollaway. The older style frame on this table features 1 inch steel legs and you will find 5 inch wheels to roll it around. The wheels are not the strongest we’ve seen, but should hold up for several seasons. There is a 3 year warranty on the table as long as it’s not exposed to moisture. DO NOT leave it outdoors if it is going to rain or be wet. This is an indoor ping pong table.


Tabletop/Playing Surface – The ¾ inch wood top comes in a green color. It’s supported by a 1 ½ inch steel railing/rim that goes all around the tabletop. We found the playing surface to be good for recreational play. The thicker tabletops from more expensive models do give you a superior ball bounce, but not all beginners even notice that kind of difference. We say the Butterfly Personal Rollaway table is ideal for those just getting started with ping pong.


Assembly – This is where Butterfly does not do a good job compared to the competition. If you look at the Stiga InstaPlay or the JOOLA Inside table, both offer 20 minute assembly times. The Butterfly Personal Rollaway will take you 2 hours. Ok, so the upfront time involved is not good. Once the table is assembled and all put together, you’ll love it. There are instructions for this table, although that is where things can go wrong. Some people say following them is not easy and we have yet to see a video showing the actual assembly step by step. Butterfly, please make a video for all of us to see.


Safety – The table does fold up nicely and feature a few safety levers to hold it up in place. We have seen better (Cornilleau for one), but you will play a hefty premium for the ultimate in ping pong table safety. Its average when it comes to safety, just be careful when kids are trying to put the table from storage to play mode.


Advantages – The first thing comes to mind is the price. For less than $400, you are getting a quality table. Butterfly makes solidly constructed indoor tables. The TR21 is on the lower end of the scale for them. We really like their Centerfold 25 or Octet. Both are exceptional indoor ping pong tables, although they are both $1000+. So you get what you pay for here. The Butterfly Personal Rollaway ping pong table is a good recreational table that takes a little time to assemble.


Disadvantages – Long term durability is always a concern with tables in this price range. We are more concerned with the assembly than the durability. As noted above, these tables are pretty solid once put together. If patience isn’t your strong point, then avoid the table completely. If you like putting things together and find it fun, then the Butterfly table will be your project for a few hours. Ball bounce is mediocre on this model, but still just fine for kids and recreational players.