JOOLA RapidPlay Outdoor Review

The JOOLA Rapid Play Outdoor table features a table top made of aluminum composite. In addition, each of the table halves comes with its own rust resistant, powder-coated, metal undercarriage and trolley system with four durable wheels. For the playback feature, simply leave one half folded. We have found this table to be a solid addition to any families backyard. If you have small kids that want to learn how to play ping pong in the fresh air, this table at less than $800 is a great starting place. If you live in states with humidity (Florida, Texas, Georgia, etc.), this table may not be the best solution with only a 1 year warranty. Other tables from Kettler (5 year warranty) and Cornilleau (10 year) offer more durable tables that tend to do much better in the heat and humidity.

Frame/Design – Each half is mounted on a 30mm x 30mm rust-resistant, powder-coated steel undercarriage. The frame is adequate for basic family play. If you have teenagers, then consider a more durable frame like those on the Cornilleau models. The double anti-tilting devices are nice features when opening and closing the table. You can see in the picture below how the table looks in playback mode. The net will have to be removed when putting the table into complete storage mode.

Assembly – The good news is that putting this together only takes about 30 minutes and the tools that are required are included in the box. It’s just a small wrench. Attach the wheel section to the undercarriage and attach the net and you are good to go. The only other tables that compare to this in terms of ease of assembly are the Killerspin tables. Parents will appreciate how easy it is. The table is less stable when in play mode since the net is essentially what holds the two halves together – something to think about.

Storage/Moving – Another reason our customers like this table is because it offers compact storage. With two table halves, you can get a snugger fit than with traditional single piece tables. The image above shows the table in storage mode. The two table halves sit side by side. The wheels are easy to roll on smooth surfaces like concrete, but a little more difficult on grass, dirt, and uneven pavement or decks. There are brakes on each wheel if you want to lock it into place when not in use. The one drawback is that the net needs to be removed from the table each time you put it into storage mode or playback mode. Can be a little annoying after a while. Cornilleau and Kettler tables allow you to leave the net on in those situations – a nice feature.

Playability – The 6mm aluminum plastic composite tabletop is blue and offers beginner ping pong players the opportunity to take their game outdoors. The playing surface is resistant to warping and chipping. The legs have adjustable height levelers so you can get a level playing surface in most conditions. The 1 year warranty on the top is a bit lacking, so I don’t advise purchasing this table if you live in a climate with lots of rain or humidity. The table simple won’t last very long.

Advantages – One reason this table sells so well is because of the price. JOOLA is a reputable ping pong table manufacturer and for under $800 they don’t have a lot of competition. Kettlers, Killerspin and Butterfly are all over $900 and Cornilleau start at about $1200. If you want an entry level, recreational table, then perhaps this is the one but beware of the warranty.

Disadvantages – The JOOLA table only comes with a 1 year warranty. That is one of the reasons why the table is fairly inexpensive. Again, we can recommend the table for recreational family play with smaller children, but not for consistent use by adults and teenagers. Ball bounce is less than average on an outdoor table. Cornilleau and Kettler offer superior products with better bounce, warranties, and performance.