Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table Tennis Table:

When it comes to professional indoor ping pong tables, Butterfly is a brand that is hard to beat. We really love Cornilleau, but Butterfly is what we see most when visiting all the table tennis clubs around the United States. The most popular is the Butterfly Centrefold 25, a beast of a table that weighs close to 300 pounds. Why are clubs, schools, and institutions purchasing this table? Simply put, it’s a ‘tank’ and will hold up to almost daily use and constant play. You see it in competitions and professional play because the bounce is absolutely perfect. Whether you are a top spin specialist or slicer of the ping pong ball, the Butterfly Centrefold ping pong table will be to your liking. Ball bounce and adherence is second to none. We like to compare this model to the Cornilleau 740 Indoor or the JOOLA 3000SC Tournament table. Both of those are priced similarly and offer an excellent comparison for the Butterfly.

butterfly centrefold 25

Frame – Right when the Butterfly Centrefold 25 comes out of the box, you know it’s something special. The ping pong table comes pre-assembled which is great. Just attach the net system and you are ready to play. The 2” square steel legs are designed to hold up this mammoth. Each of the 4 corner legs features adjustable feet so you can level the playing surface. There are four 5 inch locking rubber wheels which makes moving the table around quite easy. We’ve helped our local club move their Butterfly Centrefold table from carpet to indoor basketball courts and it was easy. You couldn’t even tell the table weighed since it moved so smoothly. There is no playback position with this table, although it’s probably not necessary if you are the type of high caliber player using this. You get a 5 year warranty on the table.

butterfly centrefold 25 green

Assembly – The table arrives in the box all assembled except for the net being attached. You can watch the video we have supplied to see how you unbox and setup the beautiful Butterfly Centrefold 25 table. It will take you roughly 10 minutes to go from the box to play mode. Hard to beat that level of efficiency.

butterfly centrefold 25 storage mode

Playability – The 1 inch thick tabletop is ideal for competition and professional tournaments. All the players will appreciate the adherence the ball gets on this playing surface. The bounce is just what you would expect from a table in this price range. Once the table is in the correct playing position, use the locking wheels to secure it into that spot. The Butterfly Centrefold 25 ping pong table complies with the ITTC ruling for wheelchair competitors. We found the bounce to be identical to that on the Cornilleau 740 Indoor – another truly professional table.

Safety Features – There is a release lock that you can see in the video – a red bar that allows you to lower or raise the table from storage to play mode or vice versa.

butterfly centrefold 25 leg leveler

Advantages –  We absolutely love the nearly zero assembly required to be up and running. The wheels allow us to move this around table tennis clubs so easily. Again, we like the blue tabletop versus the green top. The 5 year warranty is nice as well. These tables hold up well with constant play, so purchase this one with confidence. There is a chart on all the Butterfly tables with key features here

butterfly centrefold 25 wheels

Disadvantages – Not much we can think of except maybe the price level. This indoor ping pong table from Butterfly is meant for club or tournament play. It’s not meant for the casual family game of table tennis. Very similar in price and features to the Cornilleau 740 – you can compare them if you want. We still prefer Cornilleau tables although their warranty is just 3 years versus 5 on the Butterfly.