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Ping Pong Table Assembly

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Ping Pong Table Assembly

The vast majority of our customers assemble the tables themselves as the Cornilleau videos are excellent and easy to follow. For those that don’t want to take on the task of assembling your ping pong table, we can help you find a professional assembly company to do it for you. Rates range from $95 up to $150 and depend on where you live. In all cases, you will pay the assembly person directly after you have negotiated the rate with them.

Amazon Assembly – Perhaps the most popular option is the vast network of Amazon assembly experts – just click on the link below and you will have a chance to enter your ZIP code and sign up for their services. You pay Amazon the money and arrange the day/time of assembly with the company you have chosen from their network. Always a good idea to have any person doing the assembly watch the videos we provide – it will ensure nothing goes wrong and they don’t ruin the tabletop surface. For their services CLICK HERE

Assemblers on Yelp or TaskRabbit – We have found that some of our customers have had success hiring professional assemblers they found on TaskRabbit or Yelp. Both are excellent options for finding local experts. TaskRabbit and Yelp

Other Assembly Options – Craigslist always has people willing to do assembly of things like furniture and games. We would also suggest your local handyman service. Most tables are not hard to put together but take someone with a little patience. Show the table assembly to your local handyman and see if they want to take on the project. They usually take anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 1/2 hours to put together.

Review Process

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