Killerspin MyT7 Black Pocket Ping Pong Table:

When it comes to the future of ping pong tables, Killerspin is the one to watch. They wowed us with their Revolution series tables and now the latest lineup that includes the Killerspin MyT7 BlackPocket is truly amazing. The Killerspin MyT7 BlackPocket ping pong table looks great in almost any environment. If you look at the photos we have below, you will see the table in all white rooms (it really stands out). We’ve seen this table located in office game rooms, in bars, and in schools or churches where it gets lots of use. It’s not quite as heavy duty as their MyT10 BlackPocket (tabletop surface is thicker on that model), but the Killerspin MyT7 BlackPocket is sleek and elegant and able to stand up to daily use just fine. There is a MyT7 BluPocket available from Killerspin with all the same specs except that it’s blue and not black. Overall we compare the MyT7 Pocket series to the Cornilleau 250 Indoor, JOOLA Rally TL500, Kettler Champ 3.0 Indoor, and the Butterfly Easifold Rollaway. All these tables are priced from $700 to $850.

Frame – The steel frame has been painted with black paint and is very sturdy and durable. Killerspin has been refining their frame designs over the years, mostly to keep the assembly process so simple. The frame is supported with steel legs that feature levelers on the bottom. Get that level playing field no matter where you are at. There are 8 caster wheels (with individual locks) that help move the table into position or storage. The standards have been raised on the Killerspin MyT7 BlackPocket. This table is seen in bars, game rooms, man caves, offices, and basements around the world. We like the design and feel like the steel frame will last for a decade or more if treated well.

Assembly – If you want easy, then Killerpsin is the brand to go with for simple assembly. They promote a 15 minute ‘from box to playing’ time and it’s accurate. With a few bolts to attach, the Killerspin MyT7 BlackPocket ping pong tables are up and running quickly. There is no other table on the market that is faster to get playing on that we know. There are a few JOOLA models with similar designs, but Butterfly, Kettler, and even Cornilleau can’t match how speedy assembly is on the Killerspin models.

Playability – The tabletop surface will ultimately decide on how well the ball bounces. With the Killerspin MyT7, you get an 18mm medium density fiberboard top that we really like. The ball bounce is excellent and the premium top paint and coating (repeat roller) is great for reduced glare and there are less ball marks than on a typically tabletop. We absolutely love the storage area for balls and paddles at the ends of the table. For years owners have struggled to find a convenient spot for all those ping pong balls or extra paddles. Killerspin solved that by designed a built in pocket  – hence the model name on these. Overall, we give the table 5 out of 5 stars on playability. Our experience on this one at the Killerspin House in Chicago was perfect.

Maneuverability/Safety – Moving bulky ping pong tables can be a hassle. Killerspin has created a table that is easy to maneuver around carpets, tile, hardwoods, etc. The 8 caster wheels provide smooth transport across all surfaces. Once in position, you can set the locking mechanism on the wheels and play without the table moving around. There are a few safety features on the frame for storage and play mode, but overall we like the Cornilleau brand for their safety measures a bit better.

Advantages – Beautiful design that is both functional and elegant. The all black frame and tabletop go well in any room or business. Priced at less than $800, the Killerspin MyT7 BlackPocket is very competitive in this range. Adjustable legs are a nice feature and the storage for balls and paddles is an added bonus. Assembly could be the selling point to parents who want an easy to put together table. Fastest in the industry. Clip-on net is easy to take on and off.

Disadvantages – The black tabletop could show wear and tear more than others. Any smudges or marks on the playing surface will stand out. We think the black on black is gorgeous but keeping it looking that way may be difficult. Safety features on the Cornilleau indoor models (250 and 500) are superior.