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Cornilleau 500X Outdoor Table Tennis Table

This model was previously the Cornilleau 400M Crossover model!!

The Cornilleau 500X outdoor ping pong table was just released in July of 2021 by Cornilleau. The latest models all have some significant upgrades based on customer feedback.  The table is now available in either a blue or a black tabletop. Previously they offered it in gray or blue. The tabletop is still 6mm melamine (best material in the industry) and significantly better than tabletops made with plastic/aluminum or aluminum. We like that the warranty is still 10 years on the tabletop and frame for this model which makes it superior to all others (except the higher end Cornilleau tables).  If you want a thicker frame or tabletop (for better bounce), then check out the Cornilleau 600X or Cornilleau 700X. Both are available on our site and offer superior play with added features. LATEST PRICING ON 500X HERE

Cornilleau 500X outdoor ping pong table

Frame/Design – The frame is made with an Aluzinc material and very durable. Resists rust, corrosion, etc. The legs are tapered with a new mechanism for leveling the feet compared to the older 400M model. The new adjustable leg pad is 3D adjustable and quite easy to adjust. The retractable net allows for compact storage and you can put the table into playback mode by folding up one 1/2 of it and hitting against the side by yourself. The wheels are large and easy to move around on all surfaces and come with 2 brakes. The corner protection on the 4 corners is an added bonus compared to the 300X which does not. Prices have gone up recently on the Cornilleau 500X outdoor ping pong model to $1900 (older 400M was $1450). Still a great value for long term outdoor use in all climates. We sell these tables into Florida, New York, California, Michigan, … every state and all types of weather. #1 outdoor table on the market. ORDER HERE

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Cornilleau 500X outdoor

Playing Surface – Time and again we get phone calls asking about tabletop thickness and why Cornilleau models are superior even though their tops can be thinner than the competition. The reason is because Cornilleau tables use melamine tops which are very dense and strong with the resin finish. They are much more durable (10 year warranty) than aluminum tops or plastic aluminum. Cornilleau tops are shock resistant and they don’t warp or crack after a few years. They are the most durable tops on the market and they offer the best ball bounce. The 6mm playing surface is ideal for recreational and family play. I would suggest the Cornilleau 600X or 700X if you want more competitive play with a ball bounce closer to that of an indoor table.  ADD TO CART

Safety Features – The DSI Locking System is the best in the industry – another reason why the tables are so much more expensive than the competition. The table will be fully locked in storage or playing positions – safe for all the kids that might be around the outdoor table. There are actually 16 locking points with the 500X. The corner protection pads are also what parents appreciate on an outdoor table. We all know kids tend to run around when outdoors and having those pads on the corners means they are protected if they happen to hit that section of the Cornilleau 500X.

Assembly – As with most of the Cornilleau tables, assembly takes about 90 minutes. We offer a great video showing someone actually doing the assembly and you can follow along with them. It makes it much easier and most of our customers choose to do the assembly themselves. A good socket wrench and some patience are invaluable.

Other Features – The net is retractable, tension and height adjustable and great for outdoor play. The wheels are the largest of any outdoor brand and easy to maneuver on all surfaces. 2 locking brakes are included with the wheels. There is storage for 4 paddles and 6 balls. The new features on this model are the point counters and drink holder along the side (below the net).

Positives – A step up from the Cornilleau 300X, we like the corner padding, thicker frame, thicker tabletop and of course the bounce. A solid table for backyard play and easy to fold up and down when needed. Somewhat of a forgotten model (between the 300X and 600X) but we appreciate all it offers and have zero complaints from customers on this one. ADD TO CART

Drawbacks – To be fair, we always like to include reasons why our customers choose to purchase the higher end Cornilleau tables vs the 500X. Some people want a stronger frame or thicker tabletop for the added strength and ball bounce. The Cornilleau 600X and 700X offer those items and if they are important to you (for more competitive play), then consider looking at the other models.