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After running this website for years and catering to the outdoor ping pong table market, we have decided to venture into the indoor table tennis category. Many of our website visitors requested we take our same passion for outdoor tables and review indoor tables for everyone to see. Our claim to fame has always been that whenever possible we try to provide actual images of the tables beyond just the basic manufacturers’ photos that all sites have. We also try to include videos of each table showing all the features up close so you can make an informed decision that is based on more than just reading a description. Our indoor ping pong table section continues to grow as we acquire more information on each table and brand. Please feel free to send us emails with your request too. We can’t review every table, but we try to get the most popular ones listed on our site with full reviews. Please see our list below with brands and models we’ve researched and reviewed. We hope this buying guide helps you make an informed decision. You can always call us with questions about particular models and we will do our best to answer those. Thanks for supporting our website. Ping pong is our passion.

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Indoor Ping Pong Table Buying Guide:

There are several factors that determine how well a table tennis table will hold up indoors.

The first is the tabletop surface and thickness. The good news is that most indoor tables have excellent bounce compared to outdoor models. The true tournament tables have the thickest tabletops and they are designed for professional players in mind.

The frame should be solid and sturdy no matter what surface it sits on. You also want a design that is easy to fold up and store away when not in use. Indoor tables are often stored in garages or basements where space might be an issue. Frames should be safe and easy for those of all ages to open and close.

Wheels need to be easy to roll, especially on carpets. Some models are just easier to maneuver than others.

The net systems vary greatly on indoor ping pong tables. Most are easy to attach to the frames/tabletops and simple to replace if broken.

Durability – Unless you plan on taking the table outdoors, most tables will hold up just fine indoors. Keep them away from moisture as that can ruin even the best tabletop surfaces. You should expect a table to last 15 years if treated properly.

Playability – ball bounce may not seem like something you need to concern yourself with, but ultimately it could make or break your purchase. Some tables truly have ‘dead’ bounces to them or ‘clinky’ sounds. Avoid those tables since you won’t be playing ping pong if that’s the case. We have rated almost all the tables on our site based on the factors listed above. Check out the models above and click on one to see a full review. If you don’t see a particular ping pong table you would like us to review, please email us with the brand/model.



Review Process

We offer information and reviews on ping pong tables for outdoor use. Get feedback and expert buying guides on tables, racquets, balls, training machines, and much more... With over 45 years experience in table tennis, our staff will help guide you to the best table tennis equipment with up-to-date reviews, video comparisons, and expert analysis. We have included the 'best sellers' below. Check out the in-depth reviews to get all the pros and cons for each ping pong table. Weatherproof ping pong tables means you can now play year round in your backyard and you don't have to worry about putting the table tennis table away when you are done.