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Cornilleau 740 Longlife

The Cornilleau 740 Longlife is the latest release from Cornilleau in 2019. This table takes ping pong to the level of table tennis. The 740 Longlife is USATT approved, which is not easy to get for a table that is outdoor friendly. The Cornilleau 740 Longlife outdoor ping pong table is the ultimate when it comes to playing outside. The top is 9mm thick (melamine board with resin laminate finish) which makes it very durable, have a great bounce, and a 10 year warranty. The shock resistant top is nearly indestructible and only the 700X or the Park Outdoor from Cornilleau offer anything similar. We had the opportunity to play on the 740 Longlife for a few weeks during the holidays (before the release in 2019) and it’s an amazing table. We love the stability and weight (220 lbs) of the 740 Longlife. It has that competitive table feel but you can take it outdoors and still get superior ball bounce. Quite the combination that has never been seen before in our industry. ADD TO CART

Frame/Design – At 220 pounds, it’s heavier than the Cornilleau 600X but still lightweight enough to maneuver outdoors. Everything about the table is solid and stable. As mentioned above, the design is closer to an indoor table (like the Cornilleau 740 Indoor) but it can function just fine outdoors. The center support is much stronger than most tables and the frame is designed to hold up the very heavy tabletops. The legs are heavy duty and the cross beam is added support for the tabletops. This all spells out incredible bounce and stability. The side aprons that support the tops are quite thick and extremely strong. There are no corner protection pads on this table, although most indoor tables don’t have that feature and this table is trying to look and feel indoors while being able to play outdoors. The 9mm playing surface is solid (see more details below). This is a new model for 2019 so as we get more customer feedback we will put that up on the site too. Always nice to compare our notes to all those that purchase and use it daily.  ORDER HERE

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Assembly – Takes about 60 minutes if you are organized. Definitely need a 2nd person to lift the tabletops into position. This table is heavy and I wouldn’t suggest trying to line them up on your own. I would say this one is easier than most of the other Cornilleau tables by about 30 minutes. The main legs come already attached to the underside of the tabletops saving time. You just need to attach the side support bars and the feet/levelers. Fairly straight forward assembly as less moving parts on this table compared to the 300X or 500X. Instructions are written properly and easy to follow.

Storage/Moving – Like all Cornilleau tables, it’s easy to fold up and store away compactly. Even though the tabletops are heavy, I found the release handle simple to pull and the table folded up without much effort. The heavy duty wheels made for moving on our warehouse floor effortless, although outdoor surfaces like dirt, gravel, etc. could prove more difficult. We pulled the table over some grass and packed dirt – no problems. Over gravel was tougher as the wheels are not specifically designed for outdoor use like those on the 700X or 600X. Easy to store and love the open/close mechanism on Cornilleau tables.

Playability – Not easy to get USATT approved when you are talking about an outdoor table. The Cornilleau 740 Longlife is the first of it’s kind and certainly has the ball bounce and responsiveness to spin that any avid table tennis player will appreciate. We had a group of our local table tennis club members play on the table and the feedback was near perfect. Those that hit with spin (topspin or slice) absolutely loved the tabletop surface and rebound. Of course we knew the table was indoor/outdoor but they all thought it was indoor only. When they found out the 740 Longlife was outdoor friendly and could stay outdoors year round, they were amazed. Suddenly they were taking 2nd looks at the design and feel of the tabletops. That’s the genius of this table, great for indoor play but perfectly suited to be taken outdoors. The 9mm thick melamine board with resin finish does the trick. Incredible performance and superior ball bounce.

Safety Features – We like the opening and closing mechanism on the 740 Longlife – very safe to use. The table is heavy, so convenient to have the lever under each end of the table to pull on and release the cable system. 16 points of locking as you open or close the table. The one feature that this table doesn’t offer are the corner protection padding you find on the 700X and 600X. Designed to function more like an indoor table with an outdoor tabletop, some parents might want that if they are planning on having little ones around the table. If that is important, consider the Cornilleau 700X that has corner protection.

Advantages – Ideal table for schools, apartments, resorts, homes, and anywhere that needs a durable table with the ability to play outdoors. The shock resistant top will take lots of abuse compared to the competition and not get dents or cracks. We love the 10 year warranty, the sturdy frame, and heavy duty features. It’s really a coin flip on this one or the Cornilleau 700X. They both are close in terms of performance, but maybe styling is what will help you make your decision. ORDER HERE

Disadvantages – The only issue I could see are the smaller wheels on this model vs the Cornilleau 700X. If you are going to take this outdoors and roll it over dirt, pebbles, rocks, grass, etc, the wheels may not do as well. They are smaller than those on the other Cornilleau outdoor tables and not necessarily meant for lots of outdoor maneuvering. We’ve used ours on patios, concrete, and decking and so far so good. Grass and dirt were ok, but getting the table across a 10 foot area of larger river rock was not easy.