RS Barcelona Stationary Ping Pong Table

Looking for that unique table for the office environment? How about one that plays both indoors and outdoors just as well? The RS Barcelona Stationary ping pong table has hit the United States and is gaining in popularity quickly. For anyone wanting a dual purpose table, the RS Barcelona could be it. We’ve seen these used in conference and meeting rooms at businesses and then turned into ping pong tables within minutes so everyone can relax and have some fun in the work environment. Even homeowners are enjoying the flexibility of the RS Barcelona Stationary. Play ping pong with the family and then sit down to eat dinner on the table. We also carry the RS Barcelona Folding indoor/outdoor table.

Frame/Design – At nearly 245 pounds, the table is stable and durable in most environments. We like the steel frame with Iroko wood. Perfect in all weather climates and quite durable. The HPL top is thick and provides an excellent playing surface for the ping pong enthusiast at your house or business. The legs have levelers, so if you aren’t on the most level playing surface just adjust them accordingly. RS Barcelona also sells a similar version of this table, but it’s folding with wheels.  See the Cornilleau Lifestyle Ping Pong Table for a comparison. 

Assembly – There is minimal assembly required on this table. Just attached the legs to the table. You can literally be up and running in minutes. Very few ping pong tables are as easy to put together as the RS Barcelona Stationary.  ADD TO CART

Storage/Moving – Unlike ping pong tables with wheels and a folding system, this one is slightly different. Storage will not be as easy since the table can’t be folded up into a compact position. Our best advice is to find a spot where it can stay during the winter months and cover it up securely to keep it in good shape. You can move the table with 2 or 3 adults – just lift it up and carry it.

Playability – The HPL (high pressure laminate) top is suitable for either indoor or outdoor use.  The surface is just fine for casual ping pong players looking for a little recreational activity. The bounce is better than most of the outdoor ping pong tables made with an aluminum top. We did find that the glare can be something to contend with on the white table on a sunny day. The black table is another option, although keeping the black tabletop surface perfectly clean is not easy. Overall the playability is a 4 out of 5.  ORDER HERE

Safety Features – Not a lot required on a stationary table. With no folding system in place, the RS Barcelona Stationary table tennis table is safe and easy to use.

Advantages – The design itself is an advantage in several ways. The multipurpose options of the table are what set it apart. Companies order this table for use in a meeting room and then take the chairs away and play a little pong. Even homeowners can use the table for dining when not in use.

Disadvantages – Besides the high price, obviously the fact that the table can’t be folded up and stored away is not the best. There is no playback mode or storage position possible. Also, the black tabletop is difficult to keep clean and there is also the potential of fading over time on the black surface. The white surface has a bit of glare associated with it when used outdoors. An excellent alternative is the Cornilleau Lifestyle