Killerspin MyT7 BluPocket Table:

Families wanting a solid ping pong table for recreational home play should look at the Killerspin MyT7 BluPocket. Once again Killerspin has combined all the things that matter to price conscious households with the BluPocket MyT7. The table has plenty of styling with a blue tabletop surface and convenient ball and paddle holders on each end of the table (hence the ‘pocket’ in the name). The table is easy to assemble and stores in compact areas, so families will find this model the perfect choice. I know with ping pong tables, many people just leave them up in their house because it’s too much of a hassle to fold them up and store them. That’s not true with Killerspin tables, the MyT indoor series are easy to take apart. Just detach the clip-on net and both halves of the table fold up and can be wheeled against a wall. The Killerspin MyT7 BlackPocket is the sister table and worth a look as well. Both have excellent bounce and solid frames. The competition comes from the Cornilleau 250 Indoor, Kettler Champ 3.0 Indoor, and the Butterfly Easifold.

killerspin myt7 blu pocket

Frame/Design – Killerspin has never been shy with table design (just see the Revolution series tables). Although at first glance the table looks like every other table on the market, we ask you to look again. We’ve reviewed dozens of both indoor and outdoor tables and some just stand out to us. The MyT7 BluPocket just makes sense. The steel frame practically comes assembled so very little work is required to get it up and running. The frame is supported with legs that have levelers built in. There are 8 caster wheels that allow you to move the table on almost any indoor surface smoothly and easily. The pocket holders on the ends of the tables will keep extra balls and paddles off the ground and the area around the table clean.

myt7 blu pocket killerspin

Playability – The 18mm MDF tabletop is better than average and provides a solid ball bounce on this indoor ping pong table. Many tables get bad reviews because of inconsistent ball bounce, but that won’t be the case with this Killerspin table. The repeat roller coating process gives you a seamless tabletop in blue. Have a basement floor that is not level, then adjust the legs up or down to get that truly level playing surface. Our experience on the Killerspin MyT7 BluPocket in Chicago was excellent. No complaints.

killerspin myt7 blue pocket ping pong

Assembly – There’s a reason very few videos are available for the assembly process on Killerspin ping pong tables. It’s because they are the easiest in the industry to put together. No more arguing with your spouse or threatening anyone with a hammer. Killerspin has designed their tables to be simple to assemble. A few bolts and screws and you are done. 15 to 20 minutes is what they promise and they are correct. Just take the table halves from the boxes they are delivered in, attach some bolts and clip-on the net. There is no other manufacturer we’ve found that keeps things this simple.


Advantages – The table goes great in any contemporary setting. What we also found is that the Killerpin MyT7 BluPocket looks good in company game rooms, at schools, in bars, etc. It’s the type of table that goes beyond the cheap recreational models and supplies both style and design. We love the ease of assembly (who wouldn’t), the price, and the tabletop. Something about it all says ‘expensive’ but at less than $800 it’s not bad.


Disadvantages – The only real drawback to this table could be the price. It all depends on your budget level. Just keep in mind that the Cornilleau 250 and 500 Indoor are more expensive. The Kettler Champ 3.0 Indoor is pricier and several of the Butterfly tables are going to cost you more. Yes, the table is beyond what most families need, but the thicker tabletop will give you superior ball bounce. If price is a concern, take a look at the cheaper MyT5 BluPocket or the MyT4 Pocket series.