Killerspin MyT10 BluPocket Table Tennis Table:

When we first heard that Killerspin was redesigning their MyT10 Club Pro ping pong table we were concerned. That is a table we have played on in ping pong clubs around the United States for years and it holds up well to constant play. Then we saw the new Killerspin MyT10 BluPocket table for less than $1000 and realized they did the right thing. Killerspin is all about cutting edge design and marketing ping pong to the masses. That requires the perfect balance between design, functionality, and price. With the MyT10 BluPocket they found the right combination. The extra thick tabletop and frame will help this beauty of a table hold up in homes, schools, and table tennis clubs around the world. The sleek blue playing surface looks great in any environment and we think the ball bounce is excellent. Ok, how does it compare to other models in this price range (Cornilleau 500 Indoor, Kettler Champ 5.0 Indoor, Butterfly Europa 25). Better yet, why buy this one versus other Killerspin tables? We cover all the finding below in our review.


Frame/Design – The frame is very traditional as compared to the arched leg design on the Cornilleau models. The one big difference is that the Killerspin pocket series are 2 table halves that come together as one with the clip-on net holding them together. It works, but preferably you have a single unit piece like the Cornilleau 500 Indoor. Yes, it takes longer to put together, but we feel like the table is sturdier that way. For storage purposes, the Killerspin MyT10 BluPocket breaks down easy and can be stored in a very compact area compared to other tables in this category. As usual you get adjustable feet for leveling the table on the ends of the legs and the pocket holders are great for storing paddles and balls. The design is solid and one that will hold up well even in the environments where the table gets daily use (schools, bars, company game rooms).


Playability – It all comes down to bounce for us when paying this kind of money. At 25mm thick, the tabletop playing surface is top of the line and noticeably better than their MyT5 Pocket series tables. When compared to the Cornilleau 500 Indoor (the other table we have considerable experience on), the bounce is very similar. The Cornilleau is more expensive and has only a 22mm thick top. The Cornilleau 500 Indoor is used at ping pong clubs around the world, so we know that table is quality. Killerspin is looking to gain market share in this $1000 price range and the MyT10 BluPocket will surely help.

Assembly – There is no competition when it comes to assembly times. Killerspin knocks them all out with a less than 20 minute process to get from the ‘box to playing’. There is no technical knowledge required either. Just put in a few screws and bolts and it’s done. We have videos for almost all the other table assemblies, but none is needed for Killerspin since they are so simple. Customers really love that simplicity, especially on Christmas Eve.

Advantages – Thick tabletop (25mm), 20 minute assembly, solid steel frame, compact storage, and paddle/ball storage. Killerspin indoor ping pong tables have evolved and they are slowly gaining market share on the big names in the industry like Butterfly and Stiga.

Disadvantages – Compared to the 16 point locking system on the Cornilleau 500 Indoor, the Killerspin could use some improvements. Also, there are no corner protectors. The price at $1000 could be a little steep for some consumers. If it is too expensive for your budget, look at the Killerspin MyT4, MyT5 and MyT7 Pocket Series. All excellent options for recreational players at home.