Killerspin MyT10 Black Pocket Indoor Table Tennis Table:

Everything on the Killerspin MyT10 BlackPocket is a little bit bigger and better that the other Pocket indoor series tables. The 25mm thick tabletop surface is what first caught our eye. This table plays like a tournament level ping pong table with the highest quality bounce you can get. Other manufacturers charge upwards of $1500 for similar table top thicknesses, but Killerspin keeps the cost down. About the only thing that can change significantly between tables is the frame sturdiness and tabletop thickness. When the price goes up, usually both those factors are increased. The MyT10 BlackPocket is beautiful and some people are going to buy it for that reason. We say enjoy the aesthetics, but also the fact that the table is well built and provides superior ping pong for those veteran players. Beyond the home, these tables make great additions to game rooms at schools, bars, churches, and the workplace. Companies are finding that ping pong is a great stress release and bonding experience for employees. Killerspin also produces the MyT10 BluPocket which is identical in specs except for the coloring.


Frame/Design – As we mentioned above, the MyT10 BlackPocket was designed for the high end player, but with a price tag that families can still afford. The thick tabletop means the weight of the table is over 250 lbs. The frame is thicker and heavier duty on the MyT10 than on the lesser MyT7 or MyT5 models. You get the feeling the frame could withstand almost anything. The legs still offer the adjustable feet and the storage pockets for balls and paddles are always appreciated. Did we mention the red and black clip-on net? Killerspin did an artistic job on this table with the colors and design. It will be the conversation piece at any party. We’ve played on these at the Killerspin House in Chicago and in our warehouse. For less than $1000, we can’t say enough about the table tennis table.


Playability – The tabletop is manufactured with 25 millimeter thick medium density fiberboard (MDF). The process of repeat rolling coating (16 layers) gives the top a smooth, yet adherent surface for the ball to bounce on. The finish not only protects the playing surface but it also helps to reduce ball marks. You get 4 inch ball bearing wheels so moving the table into the perfect spot is easy. Adjustable feet also allow you to get that level playing surface that is required for a quality game of ping pong. Killerspin has thought of everything on the MyT10 BlackPocket. At around $1000, the ping pong table is tournament ready for your club, bar, or neighborhood party. We love the sleek black lines and black frame.


Assembly – You are looking at maybe 20 minutes to get the table from the box to the play mode. Killerspin is only rivaled by a few of the JOOLA tables in terms of ease of assembly. Keep in mind that having a fast assembly doesn’t always equate to the best table. We really like the Cornilleau models and they take about hour to 90 minutes to assemble.


Advantages – The first one that stands out to us is the 25mm thick tabletop. That pretty much guarantees a tournament true bounce of the ball. Adherence is also excellent as balls hit with spin really react off of the table. Secondly, we think the ease of assembly has to be a factor in your purchasing decision. 20 minutes to put a quality table like this together is incredible. Lastly, the table folds into a compact storage position. Overall the table is easy to assemble, play on, and take care of.

Disadvantages – I know we are going to hear some complaints on the price. At $1000 it’s by no means cheap and it’s certainly on the high end of indoor ping pong tables meant for household use. There are other options out there, but for a superior table, the MyT10 BlackPocket is a great choice. Since it is all black, some marks or smudges on the playing surface might be hard to get rid of completely. Let’s face it kids are going to have drinks or food around the table, so maintaining that perfect black color might be tough.