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Kettler Eden Stationary

The new Kettler Eden stationary ping pong table is exactly what schools, apartments, resorts, etc. are looking for in an outdoor table tennis table. The top is durable and weatherproof with a 10 year warranty. This is Kettler’s first stationary outdoor table and we think they did an excellent job and the Kettler Eden will challenge the Cornilleau 510 for dominance in this price range (see also Cornilleau Lifestyle Table). The Cornilleau 510 which sells for $2199 has a solid reputation in the stationary ping pong table market for the last 20 years and is still the leader. We will go over the differences between the tables and discuss the pros and cons of the Eden down below. We are glad Kettler released this table as the stationary ping pong table market needed more competition and selection. ADD TO CART

Frame/Design – The setup weight is 280 lbs. – so this table is sturdy and stable and built to withstand rough housing. Only a few other stationary tables offer more stability (Cornilleau Park or concrete ping pong table). The 10mm melamine tabletop comes with a 10 year warranty and it’s the material that more ping pong table manufacturers are designing tables with. Cornilleau has been doing it for years, but Kettler has been slow to market with this style top. The outer edges are protected and supported by a 2″ steel apron. The 4″ rectangle galvanized steel legs are ideal to hold up in all weather climates and not rust. You can anchor the legs to the ground for further stability if you want. With the table leg design, you can use the table as a dining table too because there is room for chairs to fit underneath. The net and post system is made with galvanized steel and designed to be permanent. The tabletop at 10 mm is 3mm thicker than the Cornilleau 510 which is our most popular selling stationary ping pong table.  ORDER HERE

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Assembly – The great news on these stationary tables is that they are much easier to assemble since they have no moving parts like wheels or folding frames. The Kettler Eden ping pong table can be assembled in about an hour with basic tools. The Cornilleau 510 stationary is about the same. You will need a 2nd person to help lift the tabletops into place.

Storage/Moving – Storage of outdoor stationary ping pong tables is not necessarily easy. They are designed to stay outdoors year round and handle the weather. You can purchase aftermarket covers that fit the tables if you want. Covers for these tables are roughly $75. Moving them is possible – at 280 lbs they are still within that range where 4 adults could lift and place the table into another location. PRICING HERE

Playability – We really like the playability. The 10mm thickness melamine tabletop thickness is the best in the industry. The Cornilleau Park and Cornilleau 700X come close at 8mm, but they are still not as thick. Thickness determines ball bounce and stability. I would say the responsiveness of the table on the Kettler Eden is really nice for those that hit with spin (topspin or underspin). The sturdy legs add to the tabletop stability and consistency.

Advantages – Great tabletop warranty and playing surface. Easy to assemble. Like the permanent net system. ORDER HERE

Disadvantages – No actual corner protection like the Cornilleau 510. The table does offer the 2 inch steel apron, but that doesn’t protect kids from banging into the corners of the table as much as those found on the Cornilleau 510. Cornilleau offers a full 10 year warranty on their 510 tables, while the Kettler offers a 10 year warranty on the tabletop, but only 3 years on the rest of the table parts (net, legs, etc.). No leg levelers – if your surface is uneven, you are out of luck.