Shipping Policies:


All non-concrete ping pong tables are shipped by AM Home and delivered right to your house. We don’t use freight carriers (LTL) like other ping pong companies simply because freight carriers damage on average 15% of all shipments. AM Home has a success rate of 97% of getting our tables to your house without any damage (better for our customers and us). It might take a few days longer, but better to have the table arrive in 1 piece than damaged. We offer FREE shipping to all mainland continental USA addresses with a few exceptions. Delivery to Hawaii, Alaska and some remote areas require additional charges. If you feel like delivery to your address is going to be difficult for some reason, please let us know in advance.  After your order has processed, we will provide you with a tracking # for your shipment. We work with 8 warehouses (CA, NY, IL, TN, GA, VA, MD, NJ) throughout the United States to make sure that our shipping remains free and that you get your table in a timely manner.  The vast majority of tables are delivered within 5 to 7 business days**. Keep in mind these tables aren’t like small packages that Amazon can ship in 2 days. They are much heavier, bulkier, and take time.

**COVID 19 UPDATE – We are still shipping products but there are delays. Most tables are taking 2-3 weeks to deliver with new regulations/restrictions at warehouses and on routes. Call us if you have concerns**

Upon Delivery:

We ask that you THOROUGHLY INSPECT YOUR SHIPMENT once it arrives via the delivery truck. Your delivery driver will not be able to leave until you have inspected your shipment and signed off on it for approval. IF you see that any of the boxes/shipments are damaged in any way, take photos of the damaged box or table with your cell phone and send them to us via email – mark ‘Damaged’ on the shipping receipt the driver supplies. Open up the box to determine the extent of the damage. The boxes are designed to handle some banging around so just because you see a hole or scrape doesn’t mean the table is damaged.

For any concealed table damage found after the delivery please contact us within 5 days of delivery to ensure proper credit/part replacements. If you find your table has concealed damage please do not assemble the table. You are required to keep the original packaging until the damage issue is resolved. If the table needs to be returned, the original packaging will be required for the table to be picked up.

When will the table arrive?

Most tables are shipped out within 2-3 business days. They go from the warehouse to a delivery terminal nearest to your address. Expect your shipment to arrive 5 to 8 business days after it has shipped. When the table reaches the terminal near your location, the delivery company will contact you to setup a delivery date and time. All deliveries are done during regular business days (Monday thru Friday). Someone will need to be present in order to accept the delivery from the delivery company. Most delivery companies will setup a 4 hour window for the appointment.

All other products like paddles, covers, and balls ship via USPS Priority Mail. They will arrive separately from the table tennis table. If for some reason your address can’t accept delivery from the US Postal Service, we can deliver to you via UPS/Fedex but you will pay the difference in price (can be as high as $60).

Order Cancellation:

If for some reason you change your mind after placing your order, there is a small window of time to cancel it. Within the first 24 hours of your order, you need to cancel or else there could be processing fees associated with the cancellation. After 24 hours (or if your product has already shipped) you should expect any cancelled orders to take on a 6% credit card processing fee refund penalty plus any shipping fees to get the table back to our warehouse plus restocking fees.