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Best Giant Chess Set

The Kettler Giant Chess Set is perfect for those wanting a sturdy, outdoor lawn game for resorts, apartments, summer camps, and homes. The set comes fully equipped with all the pieces and the game board you play on. The Kettler chess set is designed to last in all climates and you can add sand to the ballast to weigh down the pieces if you want. These offer fun for kids and families looking for alternative activities while on vacation or relaxing at home. The game of chess can be a little tough to learn, but we have found that kids stay engaged longer when using these giant boards. You can also purchase giant checker pieces and change up the game.  ADD TO CART

What You Get:

  • (16)white,(16)black chess pieces
  • (32)white,(32)black 14″x14″ board pieces
  • 10′ x 10′ game board


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Assembly – There is some adult assembly required, but as with all Kettler products it is minimal and easy to do. The game board squares fit together in an interlocking design and the actual game pieces are 2 piece construction and simple to put together. Overall an easy assembly process.

Durability/Storage – The giant chess set is constructed of tough all weather black and white resin. The pieces are sturdy and lightweight and easy to lift. You can add gravel to weigh the ballast. We’ve seen some resorts do this in areas of high wind to keep the pieces in place. The polyethylene resin game pieces; 19″(pawn)to 25″(king) can be moved and placed by children. If you happen to live in area with rough winters, it’s always a good idea to store the game board and pieces away for the winter and bring them back out when the weather is better. PRICING HERE

Final Thoughts – These giant chess boards are very popular in backyards, schools, recreation centers, country clubs, resorts, and camps. It’s a fun way for kids or adults to learn how to play the game of chess while having fun moving the large pieces. We get nothing but great feedback from all our customers who have purchased this giant game set.