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Best Outdoor Foosball Table:

When you look for an outdoor foosball table, there are several features to consider and we will go over those. First, the major brands are Kettler, RS Barcelona, Garlando and we manufacture concrete foosball tables (yes, they weigh 2500 lbs). Kettler used to make their glass top tables but those have been changed out to a melamine surface which is more durable long term and plays much closer to an indoor foosball tabletop. RS Barcelona is the other popular brand we are seeing in resorts and at luxury apartment complexes. You can view some of the different styles below and we will give feedback on which ones are the best. Pricing of a decent outdoor foosball table starts at about $1000 and can go up to $7000. Styling, materials, features, – they all play a part in how much you are going to spend. Definitely look for a table that is weatherproof, has leg levelers, provides an easy to use scoring system, and quality player rods that will last in the weather. One of the biggest complaints we hear are that the metal rods are rusting and don’t hold up. RS Barcelona Wood Foosball  Table Here

Frame/Design – When it comes to outdoor football tables you will see quite a bit of material differences. We make ours out of concrete with pre cast 5000 PSI concrete with steel reinforcement. Probably more than the average homeowner needs, but we sell ours to resorts, summer camps, apartments, schools, etc. Places they will take a lot of abuse and need to hold up. We also use chrome coated hardened steel foosball rods which last quite well. Kettler has their latest Carrara table which we really like with the melamine playing field and laminated cabinet. Their steel telescopic rods with anti-rust chromium plating are a step up from the older tables they manufactured – we will see how they do long term. RS Barcelona offers both metal tables and a combination wood/metal. They use Iroko wood for the legs (much like teak) – very weather resistant and metal for the playing area. Our concrete tables weigh 2500 lbs, Kettler weighs about 120 lbs, and RS Barcelona weighs in at 150 lbs.

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Assembly – Takes anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. The RS Barcelona is much easier to put together since most of it is already done when you open up the box. The Kettler Carrara is not too bad compared to their older models. Assembly of the concrete foosball table is a touch more difficult since it weighs 2500 lbs – does require a forklift.

Storage/Moving – Although these tables are considered completely weather resistant and able to stay outdoor year round, I would strongly suggest covering them when they won’t be used for longer periods of time. This will keep them clean and looking new. The Kettler foosball tables all come with a cover. The RS Barcelona tables have covers that are $300+. The concrete foosball table doesn’t have a cover nor does it really need it. It’s much tougher in the weather than the non-concrete foosball tables.

Playability – Materials are almost always different on outdoor foosball tables vs their indoor counterparts. That being said, most of the outdoor foosball tables we have tried are pretty solid. The ball rolls fast and quick (which is what you want), the dead spots are minimal, and the rods roll smooth so you can get good action on the foosball to score those goals. We like the grips on the RS Barcelona tables – they are ergonomic and fit both adult and kids handle well. The one thing I thought was odd on the RS Barcelona table is that there is no ball drop at midfield. On a normal table you roll the ball through the hole to get play started. On the RS Barcelona and concrete tables you simply drop the ball onto the playing field (watch those fingers!).

Leg Levelers – One of the biggest differences of playing foosball indoor vs outdoor is the ability to find a level playing surface. The good news is that the Kettler tables and the RS Barcelona tables have leg levelers – which means you can adjust the feet up or down to get a level spot. It’s fairly easy to use the levelers on both – just turn the dial/knob. There are no leg levelers on the concrete foosball, so make sure you have an area that is level to play on.

Advantages – The Kettler tables (they have 3 at the time of review) range from $1000 up to $1400. The Kettler Carrara is the nicest and worth the added money. Good playing surface and solid cabinet. I like the look and design of the RS Barcelona foosball tables, but for recreational use in your backyard, perhaps they are priced too high. The durability of the RS Barcelona and concrete foosball tables is what makes them worth consideration if you are a resort, school, apartment, etc. You get a table that can handle much more abuse and use.

Disadvantages – The concrete table can’t be moved easily once placed where you want it. Could be an issue for some. Price is an issue with concrete and RS Barcelona – they average $5000. The Kettler Carrara only has a 1 year warranty in non-residential locations.