Kettler Champ 5.0 Indoor Table Tennis Table:

****Kettler No Longer Carries This Model as of November 1st 2017****


The Kettler Champ 5.0 Indoor ping pong table is an excellent choice for families that want a quality table with solid construction. Price at under $900, the Kettler 5.0 Champ is on the high end when it comes to recreational indoor ping pong tables. Reviews are very positive on this model and we have written our own comments down below. Over the years we have used the Cornilleau 250 Indoor, Butterfly Club Table Tennis Rollaway, and the Killerspin MyT7 Blackpocket. We will compare the features of the Kettler Champ 5.0 Indoor table to those found on similar models in this price range.


Frame – The table weighs in at over 200 pounds, so it’s plenty sturdy once assembled. The frame is designed with 2 inch square steel legs and they feature a synthetic powder coating and galvanized treatment. This helps protect the table against things like scratches and corrosion. Another excellent feature we appreciate is that the legs have levelers for height adjustments. That way you can adjust the levelers up or down to get an even playing surface not matter the flooring. We all know that basements and even carpeted rooms are not always completely flat or even. The outer edges of the table are not only supported but protected by the 2 ¼ inch high impact resin apron. This apron supports the 22mm tabletop surface which helps keep it from warping. To support the frame, you have the 5 ½ inch dual swiveling wheels with rubber tread. The wheels make maneuvering the table smooth and effortless. Two of the wheels have integrated locking systems so you can secure the table into place once you have it where you want. The frame folds up easily for compact storage or transporting it.


Tabletop Playability – All ping pong tables are judged on how well the ball bounces when it hits the playing surface. The thicker the tabletop the better the ball bounce. The Kettler Champ 5.0 Indoor table tennis table has a 7/8 inch thick wood tabletop with a medium density rating. The Certified true tournament bounce is where this table shines and we have had nothing but excellent performance on it. The playing surface features smooth and even tournament lines. The paint and topcoat are scratch and fade resistant. The Cornilleau 250 Indoor only has ¾ inch tabletop thickness and the Killerspin MyT7 BlackPocket has an 18mm thick MDF top. Both are slightly cheaper than the Kettler.


Assembly – Takes about 2 hours for assembly on this table. There are certain parts that require 2 people so you can lift the tabletops into place. Not overly difficult, just time consuming. For comparison, the Cornilleau 250 Indoor takes about an hour to assemble and the Butterfly Club takes just over an hour. We always consider assembly as a small price to pay given how long the tables will last once they are put together. The Killerspin models are the easiest on the market to assemble – takes less than 20 minutes.

Safety – Kettler has always had systems in place to keep owners safe. The patented Safety Fold with Dual Lock Safety is easy to use and keep the table in a secure position when opening or closing it. We have a video on our Kettler Top Star XL product review page that shows how to use the system. With the push of a few buttons you can safely raise or lower the table. They have changed this system on the Kettler 10 Indoor model – it’s a single hand locking mechanism that is similar to what Cornilleau uses on many of their models.


Advantages – The tabletop thickness (7/8 inch), resin apron around the table, 2 inch square steel legs, and swiveling wheels are just a few reasons why we love this table. We have more experience on the Champ 5.0 outdoor table (just as impressive), but the indoor version is quality from top to bottom. The leg levelers, racquet holder, and safety system all make the Kettle Champ 5.0 Indoor table a great family investment. You will use it for years. Get the kids away from their screens and active into a sport that everyone can play. You could consider the Champ 3.0 Indoor as an option. It has a ¾ inch tabletop versus the 7/8 inch on the Champ 5.0 and the frame is not quite as sturdy. The Kettler Champ 3.0 indoor sells for roughly $700 ($200 cheaper).


Disadvantages – The only glaring issue is the assembly time versus the competition. We have more extensive playing time on the outdoor model (not much different) for the Champ 5.0, but the indoor model is still a solidly built ping pong table. If you can get past the longer assembly time, then consider this model. Read more review here.