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Kettler Outdoor Foosball Table Review:

The Kettler outdoor foosball table is the highest rated in the industry. You will find this foosball table at high end resorts throughout the world and in backyards across America. The Kettler foosball table is weatherproof so it can be left outdoors year round without any concern for it getting ruined in the elements. In our review we will compare the Kettler foosball table to the Garlando G2000 outdoor foosball table, the Garlando Open Air table, and the Garlando G-500 Weatherproof foosball table. They are all priced at $1000+ and each has slightly different features.

kettler outdoor foosball

We really like the Kettler outdoor foosball table for its sturdy design and solid styling. While in San Diego for a work conference, I was able to play on this table (see all the photos) at the Grand Hyatt hotel. They have a nice setup by the pool with a beautiful Cornilleau 510 Outdoor ping pong table and an outdoor air hockey table. Quite the luxurious setup.

kettler outdoor foosball table

The table is made in Italy and comes with all the features you would want on an outdoor foosball table. There are leg levelers on each leg so you can raise or lower the table to get a level playing surface. I took a video (which you can watch to the right) that shows all the features of the table. The table gets a lot of use from resort guests and it stays in excellent shape. The only thing we noticed are that the interior sides that used to be white are now yellowish from being left out in the conditions. Although the sides are not brand new, it did not effect the play on the table at all.

outdoor foosball kettler

The side and corner rails are perfect for keeping the foosball in play. There are NO dead spots on this table. We really like the high speed glass playing field. The foosballs maintain quality speed as they skim across the playing surface. The players are virtually unbreakable as they are molded onto the rods. The high stress resistance steel telescopic rods are easy to handle and the anti-rust chromium plating keeps them in terrific shape. To limit the wear on the table, the nylon bushings are a nice feature.

kettler foosball table outdoor

The resin score counter behind each goal features either a blue or gray cube to keep score. Whenever a goal is scored, you can quickly find the foosball in the ball pocket right behind the goal on both ends. You can see in the photos that the table has your basic ball drop at mid field. What sets this table apart for us are the high quality laminates and weatherproof resins that are used to construct the cabinet. Having a truly weather resistant outdoor foosball table is awesome. GET LATEST PRICING HERE

outdoor kettler foosball table

If you are worried about excessive wear and tear from the weather, the table purchase comes with a foosball table cover from Kettler. Their outdoor ping pong table covers are world renowned and this cover is made with similar materials. It’s always a good idea to cover the table when not in use. Water and sun won’t damage it, but the playing surface or parts could get dust/dirt/grime in them that can effect play.

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The Kettler Cavalier 58 in. Outdoor Foosball Table weighs about 130 pounds when fully assembled. It’s very sturdy and not going anywhere once setup. We found assembly takes about 2 hours on the foosball table. Once the legs are attached you might need help in turning the table over. Overall an excellent purchase for the price and the type of outdoor foosball table that will hold up well for years. We’ve seen these Kettler outdoor foosball tables take daily use at resorts, schools, and homes.