Kettler Stockholm Outdoor Table Tennis:


The Kettler Stockholm GT Outdoor sells for about $749. We were able to play on both the green and blue top options. How does the table compare to the Kettler Match 5.0, Stiga Baja Outdoors, and the JOOLA RapidPlay? Kettler has a really solid reputation when it comes to outdoor ping pong tables. The Stockholm GT Outdoors certainly won’t disappoint those wanting a quality recreational outdoor ping pong table. Kettler produces weatherproof playing surfaces that last outside year round. Many of the key features that consumers consider before purchasing are price, ease of assembly, safety features, and of course durability. We go into all those components down below and compare and contrast the Kettler Stockholm outdoor against the competition.

Frame/Design – The sealed aluminum composite top is weatherproof and the ball bounce is reasonable given the price. The ALU-TEC Climate-Control underside is something that Kettler includes with almost all their outdoor ping pong tables. The technology allows the table to contract and expand due to weather conditions and moisture. The end result is no warping or cracking of the tabletop. The 1 inch aluminum apron protects all outer edges and it supports the tabletop so that the top will not warp. The net stays in play position even when the table is closed for storage. The resin net posts hold up well in all conditions, but we found that the net can start to deteriorate if left in the sun for too long. If possible, cover the table when not using it for long periods of time. It will help the overall longevity. The frame design is similar to the Match 5.0 but not quite as good as the Kettler Top Star or Kettler Champ 5.0. Both of those models have superior apron protection and thicker crossbeams.

kettler Stockholm outdoor

Assembly – The assembly on the Kettler Stockholm Outdoor ping pong table is considered ‘easier than most’ Kettlers not only by us but by customers we talked with. We have provided additional photos down below showing the various features of the table and a brief video to the right which highlights those features. Assembly is straight forward and time consuming – we would say 2 hours. The JOOLA RapidPlay takes 20 minutes and the Killerspin models are about the same. For parents that want an easy to assemble ping pong table, this is not the one for you.

kettler Stockholm outdoor

Safety Features – The Kettler Stockholm outdoor ping pong table features the Safety Fold and Dual Safety Lock mechanisms. You won’t experience any unintentional closing or opening of the weatherproof table. There is no corner padding on the table. We like the added corner protection you find on the Cornilleau 500M or even the Stiga Baja Outdoor. The Kettler Stockholm is fairly easy to fold into playback mode or storage mode safely.

kettler Stockholm outdoor

Storage/Moving – Storage is pretty compact and the wheels allow you to quickly and easily move the table into place. The wheels have a locking mechanism (brake) on them so you can get the table to stay in place without a problem. Once you release the red latches you will be able to fold up the table smoothly into storage mode. We suggest having two people during this process. I’m not sure I would trust my 10 year with opening and closing the table as it is heavy. The Cornilleau brands are much safer and easier to maneuver.

kettler Stockholm outdoor

Playability – We found the Kettler Stockholm GT Outdoor to have excellent ball bounce for the price. The aluminum composite top does hold up well outdoors, but you will sacrifice a bit with the ball bounce. Over the years of playing on the table, we’ve only heard positive comments about the table. No one has mentioned anything about the ball bounce. There are no leg levelers, so getting a level playing surface is difficult on grass or dirt surfaces. The JOOLA, Prince, and Cornilleau models all offer adjustable legs/feet. That is something to consider depending on where the table will be played on outdoors. If the table will always be on a level patio, the leg levelers aren’t that big a deal.

Advantages – We give the table 3 1/2 stars out of 5. The durability of the table is solid, the long term stability of the table is excellent and assembly was not too difficult. For the price it is still considered a solid purchase though. The table works great in work environments, at schools or churches, and of course in your backyard. We do suggest getting a cover for it so that it remains dry and clean when not in use.

Disadvantages – The only drawback is that the ball bounce is not as good as you’ll find on more expensive models like the Cornilleau 500M or Kettler Champ 5.0.