Killerspin MyT Street Edition:

THIS MODEL HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED (See the Killerspin MyT7 Breeze or MyT7 Storm for the latest models)

Killerspin is a relatively new manufacturer of ping pong tables and they are based out of Chicago. Their outdoor lineup includes 3 tables, the MyT-O Outdoor, MyT Street Edition, and MyT Wild. The Killerspin Street Edition was designed to have that edgy look and feel with a black playing surface and yellow paint that resembles graffiti on the sides. The outdoor ping pong table performs admirably in the elements with a weather resistant playing surface. The Killerspin outdoor ping pong table is very similar in design and functionality to the Prince PT9 Advantage that we review on our site. The Prince is priced slightly cheaper and we will go into a direct comparison down below. Pricing on the Killerspin ranges from $750 to $900 – it just depends on where you buy it.

Killerspin MyT Street Edition

Beautiful resort style weatherproof ping pong table.

Frame/Design – The sturdy frame is designed with 1 2/5 inch steel – this supports the 145 pound table. The steel frame has been painted white so there is a nice contrast between the black tabletop and white frame. The legs are 1 ¼ inch thick steel with leg levelers on the bottom. The apron that goes around the entire table help keeps the tabletop from warping and it protects it from getting chipped or cracked during play. The apron is 2 inches by ¾ inches and made of steel. All of these features improve the overall stability of the Killerspin MyT Street Edition. The framing, legs, and folding mechanism are almost identical to that on the Prince Advantage. We think Killerspin did an excellent job with the design because the table is easy to assemble and sturdy on all surfaces.

Killerspin MyT Street Edition

Solid frame and wheels along with 15 minute assembly make this table a top choice among outdoor table tennis tables.

Assembly – Killerspin does a great job of making almost of their ping pong tables easy to assemble. The Killerspin MyT Street Edition Outdoor is no different. The outdoor ping pong table can be taken out of the box and put together within 15 minutes. Much of the table comes pre-assembled, very similar to the Prince PT9 Advantage or JOOLA Nova DX. Compare 15 minutes to roughly 2 to 3 hours for assembly on the Butterfly Outdoor Playback Rollaway or the Kettler Top Star XL. If you are the person that will be responsible for assembling the table, take those numbers into consideration. The reason the assembly is so simple is because the Killerspin MyT Street Edition is essentially two separate tabletops that come together as one piece with the final step being the clip on net holding them together. Some people have said the table is less secure this way and the net has a tendency to come loose. We can understand those worries, but for the most part the table works fine.

Killerspin MyT Street Edition

Wheels on the Killerspin. Easy to maneuver table.

Safety Features – Folding the table up into playback mode or into full storage mode is almost as easy as the assembly process. With a safety locking mechanism, you are guaranteed a sturdy table that is safe for even little ones to be around. The 3 inch caster wheels each have individual locks on them, so securing the table once it’s in place is easy. The Prince Advantage outdoor table is very similar with their safety features.

Killerspin MyT Street edition storage mode

Storage is compact and easy.

Storage/Mobility – The 3 inch caster wheels make for smooth rolling on surfaces like pavement/patio or decks. We did find that the table is not as maneuverable on dirt or grass with these style wheels. For those surfaces we prefer the heavy-duty all-terrain wheels you find on the Cornilleau tables or the Stiga Baja outdoor. At 145 pounds the table is heavy, so if you are trying to move it on grass and the wheels get stuck, it’s not an easy chore. The net does need to come off when the table is put into playback mode or storage mode. Not a big deal to us, but the Cornilleau 250S, 400M and 500M have a retractable net that is very convenient for those instances. Putting the Killerspin MyT Street Edition into storage mode is simple. Take the net off and put up both sides of the table. Then slide both sides together (see photo above) for a snug fit. The only tables that are just as compact in storage mode are the JOOLA Nova DX and the Prince Advantage.

Killerspin MyT Street Edition

Playability – What this means is – How well does the ball bounce on the table and is it consistent? This is where we feel the Killerspin table has a slight advantage over the Prince PT9. The Killerspin MyT Street Edition has excellent ball bounce and topspin shots rebound nicely off the playing surface. Ball bounce is also very consistent no matter where it bounces on the aluminum-plastic top. The 16 layer Repeat Roller Coating (RRC) is what sets the Killerspin apart from other brands. In comparison, the Prince Advantage table gets some owners that complain about ball bounce and overall consistency.

Killerspin MyT Street edition playback mode

Advantages – There are several reasons to buy this table. The assembly is faster than any other brand on the market. Many of the parts come pre-assembled saving you time and energy. The leg levelers allow you to get level playing conditions no matter where you are at. The table stores very compactly and folds up quickly and safely. The cost is very reasonable compared to the competition in this price range and what you get. We would recommend this table over the Kettler Match 5 and the Stiga Baja. It’s really a toss up between the Prince PT9 and the Killerspin MyT Street Edition. We feel like Prince is a fading brand for outdoor tables and Killerspin is on the rise. The table makes a great addition to any backyard, school environment, or work game room. SEE LATEST PRICING HERE

Killerspin MyT Street edition storage mode

Disadvantages – There are not many reasons why you shouldn’t but this table from Killerspin. Yes, the price is a bit high given what the competition is charging. We found a wide range on pricing as we researched this product. At the time of this article you could buy the table on,, and even at all with prices that were $100 or more apart. The bounce is slightly better on the Cornilleau 250S which is not much more expensive and still under $1000. We even like the Kettler Champ 5.0 for superior bounce and table stability.