Killerspin MyT Wild Outdoor Table:

THIS MODEL HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED (See the Killerspin MyT7 Breeze or MyT7 Storm for similar models)

Killerspin previously had their MyT-O and MyT Street Edition outdoor ping pong tables. Now they just released the latest one called the MyT Wild Outdoor + In.  We had the opportunity to play on this particular table down in Palm Springs (see photos). Very similar in color to the MyT Street Edition, the MyT Wild outdoor ping pong table from Killerspin has a black tabletop playing surface while the frame is white.

myt wild killerspin table

We like the 6mm aluminum plastic table top which gives you a similar feeling to playing indoor on an MDF table. The tabletop is truly weatherproof and will hold up in any climate. Sun, wind, rain, etc. will not harm the table and you can always wheel it indoors if you want. The versatility of the MyT Wild is what we like. It’s very easy to assemble – the fastest in the industry at less than 20 minutes. Killerspin has designed all their outdoor ping pong tables to be quick and simple to put together. The table is essentially two separate halves and you slide them together and attach the net post to secure it. As long as the wheels are locked in place, the table won’t move around and the net will stay put. The outdoor clip-on net is red and totally weatherproof. You can adjust it for height and tension.

killerspin outdoor myt wild

When it comes to moving the table around your yard, patio, garage, or house, the 3 inch casters let you easily maneuver the ping pong table. Each caster has its own individual lock. These wheels are superior to many other brands simply because they roll so easily on almost any terrain. We did find that the Cornilleau wheels are better for grass. Each of the 4 legs also features levelers. In case you are trying to play on a lopsided deck or patio, just adjust the levelers to make for a level playing surface.

killerspin outdoor net

Storage on the MyT Wild table is about as compact as you can get. The only other table on the market that comes close is the JOOLA Nova. Both have similar design features where the two halves of the table fit snugly together. Individual playback mode is just as easy – although the net is required to be removed for this to happen.

killerspin myt wild outdoor ping pong

In our experience on playing on the table, we found the bounce to be excellent. The glare from the sun is minimal even on the brightest of days. Cornilleau tables are the best for anti-glare, but Killerspin still does a great job. We played for a few hours in the sun and then the shade came across the table making for tricky lighting but still playable conditions. Overall, we really like the table from Killerspin. The MyT Wild has a great design, nice colors, sturdy frame, and quality caster wheels for moving it around. It’s the best of the 3 offerings that Killerspin puts out for outdoor tables and is priced at about $1300.

killerspin ping pong wheels