Killerspin MyT5 Pocket Table Tennis Tables:

We really like the newly designed Killerspin MyT5 Pocket series. The table comes available in blue and black. Killerspin redesigned the older MyT5 tables with the end user in mind. They made it simpler to assemble, gave you storage for balls/paddles, supplied a sturdy frame with safety features, 3 inch caster wheels and a beautiful clip on net. Ping pong has really taken off in the last decade here in the United States with clubs and bars dedicated to the sport. Now you can have that same table in your game room at home. We will go into all the details of the table below – both the MyT5 BluPocket and MyT5 Blackpocket tables. They are priced at around $699 and their direct competition is the Stiga InstaPlay, Stiga STS 420, and the Butterfly Easifold Rollaway (Blue/Green). The other table we have reviewed from Killerspin is the MyT5 Bianco Pure which is the sister table to the MyT5’s listed above. It’s an absolutely gorgeous table that goes perfectly in modern homes. The pearl white finish is completely different than anything you’ve ever seen.


Frame – The steel frame on the Killerspin MyT5 Pocket tables is solid and durable. The two table halves come almost assembled from the manufacturer leaving your job putting them together very easy. With just a few simple steps, the table goes together quickly (15 minutes). The legs have levelers at the bottom so you are guaranteed to be able to play on a level playing surface. Whether your home has carpet or uneven tile or hardwood floors, just adjust the legs and even out the table. The Killerspin MyT5 folds efficiently – just remove the clip on net and fold up both sides of the table. Killerspin is notorious for having some of the most compact tables for storage purposes in the industry.

killerspin Myt5

Assembly – Killerspin is the best in the business with this aspect of their tables. You can go from ‘box to play’ in 15 minutes. At first we didn’t believe it, but we’ve put together enough of these ping pong tables to actually improve on that time a bit. Unlike their competition, Killerspin table tennis tables are easy to assemble. One more reason to purchase the MyT5 Pocket.

killerspin myT5 blupocket

Playability – The medium density fiberboard (MDF) on the MyT5 Pocket series makes for a perfect tabletop surface that measures 16mm thick. The thicker the tabletop typically the better the bounce you will find. The top surface is painted with repeat roller coating and you will notice on these tables that the outside white line (visible on most tables) is not included. The ping pong table top provides a consistent ball bounce and it minimizes warping over time. There are pocket holders on both ends of the table for ping pong balls and paddles. No more having to look for balls, just keep a bunch lined up and ready to go. The overall playability on the Killerspin MyT5 Pocket series is above average for home use.

killerspin myT5 blue pocket

Wheels/Maneuverability – Moving the table from one corner of the room to another is quick and efficient with the 3 inch caster wheels. The Killerspin ping pong table has 8 wheels total – all with individual locking mechanisms. They are smooth rolling and don’t mark up floors. Although the table is quite heavy, when moving it around on the caster wheels you hardly feel the weight. We like the maneuverability on the Killerspin MyT5 Pocket tables.

blupocket myt5 killerspin

Advantages – Easy assembly, solid frame and tabletop, wheels make moving smooth, and the price is mid-range on an indoor table. Did we mention the overall look – we absolutely love the coloring on these. They look better than most of the other indoor tables we’ve reviewed. Killerspin does a great job of combining styling and functionality. Whether you choose the Blue, Black or Bianco Pure (White), you will be totally satisfied.

blackpocket myt5 killerspin

Disadvantages – When in storage mode the table is not as safe as ones like the Cornilleau 250 Indoor with a superior safety locking system. The two table halves can store more compactly than Cornilleau, but since they are not connected seem less stable. Otherwise, Killerspin keeps reducing the flaws (if any) in their ping pong tables and continues to impress us with their products.