Newgy Robo-Pong 2050 Review:

Ok, part of getting better at ping pong is being able to hit thousands of shots. Unless you have a very patient friend or parent, odds are that is not an easy task to accomplish. The idea of a ping pong training device didn’t exist years ago. We used to fold the table up (in half) and hit against the wall. Not bad for eye hand coordination, but definitely not the best in terms of actual hitting mode.

The iPong training robot came along and did a reasonable job of feeding balls to waiting players, but they still don’t offer the variety that the Newgy products can. The Newgy 540 was one of the first of their training aids and now the Newgy Robo-Pong 2050 is the latest device. The digital table tennis machine is better than an opponent since it never misses and gives you lots of pre-programmed options to improve your game in no time at all.

The machine fits all standard sized ping pong tables and is easy to setup, use and take down. Owners like it because there are no tools or assembly required. Just attach it to your table and plug it in. In our tests, the machine was out of the box in less than 15 minutes and up and running. We tested it out on several young, aspiring players and they saw noticeable improvements within a few days. The ability to hit 100’s of shots, one after another, really allows a player to get better quickly.

The Newgy 2050 comes with 64 pre-programmed drills. The recycling net system and side nets catch most errant shots so that you can easily refill the robot and start hitting after all the balls have been fed out of the machine. Available spins are topspin, backspin, left sidepsin, right sidespin and combination spin. Shots range from chop, push, serve, counter, lob and fast loop. The digital controls let you control ball speed, frequency, and oscillation. Online owner reviews we found at are very positive with comments like ‘great training partner’ and ‘exceeded my expectations’.

Now the price, at nearly $700 this is quite the investment for a game. We assume that most people purchasing a training robot are really looking to improve their games and money isn’t an issue. The results are more than impressive as we found the beginner players we trained with the device rapidly moved onto the intermediate level within weeks. The repetitive hitting allowed them to groove their games and become naturals. A playing partner is your best option, but when no one is around we suggest this type of machine.

The Newgy ping pong training robots are the best of the best for consumers. The 540 machine starts at $250 and the popular 1040 sells for $300. There are occasional ball jams with some of the machines, although many people note that is due to static electricity between the balls. If you want your table tennis game to improve, this is the training aid that is recommended by all ping pong experts.

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