Company Game Room Ping Pong Tables:

We’ve been selling ping pong tables on our website for years and we always try to write informative articles for our daily visitors. One group of customers that has grown in recent years are companies that are looking to buy a ping pong table for their office game rooms. More and more businesses are realizing a little down time at work can be a good thing. Ping pong is a sport that almost anyone can play and it builds employee morale by having some fun activities to do while on a mental break from work. Which ping pong table is right for your company? Do you need more than one? We cover all the details below with recommendations based on your company size and available space.

We know that many companies who purchase a table tennis table also tend to have things like foosball tables, billiards tables, and other games in their office rec room. How much space you have allotted for games will ultimately decide what you can get. For smaller companies (1-20 employees) we suggest a single ping pong table. If you have anywhere between 50 to 200 employees, consider a second table a good idea. We have more company’s call us back after buying their first table telling us how popular it is and now they need a second table. A quality indoor ping pong table can be purchased for $1500 to $2000 and last for a decade or more. They make great investments for any company that wants to add a little fun to the office environment. If you plan on playing outdoors, then go to our reviews of outdoor ping pong tables for the best options.

Most tables are easy to assembly and you will be up and running within an hour or less. Three models that we suggest are the Cornilleau 850 Wood, the RS Barcelona You and Me, and the Cornilleau 740 Longlife.  You’ll want something durable that can handle constant use/abuse. We can even customize some tables with your company logo. You can read individual reviews on those products plus many more on our indoor ping pong table page. Or you can always give us a call at 866-926-3839 and we would be happy to answer any questions you have. Or just email your questions to