Outdoor Ping Pong Tables in Portland, Oregon:

After a recent trip to Seattle in which I was very excited to see outdoor ping pong tables in city parks, I came home to Portland, Oregon hoping to find similar conditions.  I have noticed a few outdoor ping pong tables popping up around the area. In Beaverton City Park the beautiful tables are concrete outdoor ping pong tables. These tables are essentially indestructible and make for great fun while enjoying the park with your friends and family.

stone ping pong table

There are outdoor ping pong events in the city too with Pips and Bounce and Pure Pong in the Pearl hosting events during the summer. It’s a great way to get families outdoors and enjoying the beautiful weather in Portland and the long evenings. Pips and Bounce is just one of several establishments in town that offer ping pong as a way to unwind after a long week.


As I did more research, I found quite a few high end apartment/condo complexes that are installing outdoor ping pong tables for their tenants. We did a photo shoot for the Cornilleau 510 Pro at one of them and the pictures can be seen on the 510 Pro page. The Cornilleau line of outdoor ping pong tables are the best of the industry and they have an excellent warranty. Made to be weatherproof, they are perfect for a climate like Portland, Oregon that gets its fair share of rain. One of the reasons why our website has been so successful over the years is because we are able to test many of these tables in bad weather and provide unbiased feedback. We understand that not all of our customers need a table that will get exposed to rain, snow, and harsh summer days. Our experience has led us to see which outdoor ping pong tables hold up the best in all conditions.


We also found a few of the JOOLA City tables located in Holladay Park near the Lloyd Center. The JOOLA outdoor ping pong tables are in excellent shape and make a great addition to the park. You can see photos below that we took when we used them. There are 2 tables in the park and they are similar to the table tennis tables you will find in Bryant Park in New York City.