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Stiga Baja Outdoor Ping Pong Table

/Stiga Baja Outdoor Ping Pong Table
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Stiga Baja Climate Series Outdoor Table Tennis Table:

****We stoppped selling the Stiga line of outdoor tables at the start of 2017. We had numerous phone calls of packages with parts missing, bad customer service from Stiga, and tables that were having issues. We will not be selling any more of these tables to our customers****

The Stiga outdoor tables don’t get good reviews from us or on websites like Amazon.com. There are complaints about bad ball bounces, way to difficult of assembly, and wheels that are suspect. (See photo below) – I had the chance to use the table a while ago and found the ball bounce to be inconsistent at best and sometimes I got ‘dead’ bounces where it doesn’t really bounce at all. Compared to Kettler or Cornilleau, Stiga just doesn’t do well with their outdoor tables. I see these tables carried in second tier sporting goods shops. Most of the best outdoor ping pong tables aren’t carried in sporting good stores – unfortunately they are available for purchase online only. Instead of settling for a Stiga, we suggest looking at the Cornilleau 250S for a great ball bounce, performance, and warranty (10 years) or the Kettler  Champ 5.0. We’ve tested dozens of outdoor table tennis tables and rarely find tables that completely disappoint, but this one did. See all the outdoor tables we carry HERE

Stiga Baja Outdoor Ping Pong




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