Stiga Baja Climate Series Outdoor Table Tennis Table:

****We stoppped selling the Stiga line of outdoor tables at the start of 2017. We had numerous phone calls of packages with parts missing, bad customer service from Stiga, and tables that were having issues. We will not be selling any more of these tables to our customers****


Stiga is not considered a great manufacturer of outdoor ping pong tables and both their Baja Climate and Coronado Climate Series tables get below average ratings from consumers. The main reason is for ‘poor bounce quality’. I grew up playing on an indoor Stiga table and no doubt their outdoor offerings have more to be desired. The price point might be one reason to consider it. The Stiga Baja Climate may fit into less expensive budgets. If you are used to playing ping pong indoors and expecting a certain kind of bounce, then we say stay away from the Stiga until they can solve that issue. The Stiga Baja Outdoor ping pong table does have some features that their competition in this price range does not include. We like the leg/feet levelers, the corner padding, and the all-terrain double wheel casters. The main competition for the Stiga outdoor table comes from the JOOLA RapidPlay and the Kettler Match 5.0 and Kettler Stockholm GT. All are priced within a $100 of each other and offer similar designs and features. We will go into the details below and discuss our head to head findings.

Stiga Baja Outdoor Ping Pong

Frame/Design – The welded steel support frame is solid on the table. We also like the composite caster beam and steel cross beam supports. The 2 inch steel, self-opening legs add to the support of the 100+ pound table. The all-weather net holds up well, although be prepared to replace it a few times if you own the table long enough. We have found that sun rot is ultimately what does the net in. The molded corner protectors are another great feature – no snagging or scraping. The 5″ all terrain double wheels come with locks and easily let you roll the table on all surfaces – grass, dirt, decking, etc. We really like that it has leg levelers (not always found on tables in this price range). The aluminum composite top won’t warp or rust. Lastly, the galvanized hardware is rust and corrosion resistant. Besides the hinge system for opening and closing the table, we like the frame and design on the Stiga Baja outdoor.

Stiga Baja Outdoor Ping Pong

Wheels have a locking mechanism so the table stays in place once you have it where you want.

Assembly – Assembly is about 2 hours on the table, eventhough they describe the Stiga Baja outdoor table as having their patented ‘Quickplay’ chassis design. The problem is that the instructions are not done very well, so you’ll have to go over some of the steps a few times to make sure you are getting it right. We have included a PDF file of the manual for the Stiga table. The JOOLA RapidPlay takes 20 minutes and is much simpler.

Playability – As mentioned above, the aluminum composite top on the Stiga Baja outdoor table is really the big question on this ping pong table. Many owners have sent us comments about the ‘dead’ bounces they find on their tables and we must admit that the bounce quality is not as good as you will find on tables like the Kettler Top Star XL or the Cornilleau 250S. Those outdoor table tennis tables are more expensive, but might be worth the added investment if you are looking for long term bounce quality and superior playability. The leg levelers are good for keeping the tabletop level and we have found that the weatherproof top sheds water easily.

Stiga Baja Outdoor Ping Pong

Corner padding is excellent. Parents need to consider these features if you have little kids running around the table.

Safety Features – An old school table with hinges that collapse down when you want to fold the table into playback mode or storage mode. They are not as safe as what you find on the Kettler models or Cornilleau or Killerspin. The Stiga Baja requires your hand/fingers to push the hinge down and could result in pinched fingers if not careful. Once the hinge is released, then the table tops fold up nicely. We do like the corner protectors on the Stiga, similar to what you will find on the Cornilleau 500M. We have a picture showing the protectors up above.

Stiga Baja Outdoor Ping Pong

Sturdy chassis with solid legs. The legs also feature a leveling system – a much needed feature when playing outdoors on uneven surfaces.

Storage/Mobility – Moving the table is actually pretty easy. The 5 inch all-terrain double wheels are definitely rugged enough to push the table over pavement, dirt, or grass. Storage is not as compact as on the Killerspin or JOOLA RapidPlay, but very few tables are. We say the Stiga gets an average rating for storage options. We do suggest purchasing a ping pong table cover since excessive exposure to the sun and rain can slowly damage things like the net. A cover is $75 and worth it, especially if you have the table in an area where leaves or debris can get on it.

Stiga Baja Outdoor Ping Pong

The net does sag when it gets wet, but after drying out it plays like new again. Rain does not ruin these tables, that is why they are meant for outdoor play.

Advantages – We’ve found that ours goes perfectly at neighborhood gatherings where kids want to play outdoors and adults are just recreational players. The bounce doesn’t really come into effect much since beginners don’t know the difference anyways. The leg levelers are a nice touch on this table – JOOLA RapidPlay also offers this. The wheels make it easy to maneuver the Stiga around your yard, neighborhood, or patio area. Overall we give it a 3 out of 5 stars.

Disadvantages – For more serious players (like us), the bounce problem is an issue. The rebound off the playing surface just isn’t responsive enough. I would suggest spending the additional money to purchase the Cornilleau 250S, Kettler TopStar XL, or Killerspin MyT7 Breeze for a superior experience. We understand that most people play ping pong just for fun and in that case the table should be fine for novices or look at the JOOLA RapidPlay.