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Cornilleau 700M Crossover:

There is a new version of this table at Cornilleau 700X

The Cornilleau 700M Crossover is the latest model from Cornilleau and it’s definitely a head turner. The 8mm resin laminate top provides the truest bounce you can get on an outdoor table (only the Park Outdoor and 740 Longlife from Cornilleau offer thicker tops). We’ve had countless experiences playing on the Cornilleau 600X and the Cornilleau 510, but the 700M ups the performance. Instead of the 7mm you find on the 600X and 510 Pro, you get a 8mm playing surface on the Cornilleau 700M Crossover that really sets it apart from the competition. Combine that with the glare reduction on the tabletop and playing in the sun is enjoyable. The weatherproof Cornilleau outdoor table is priced at $2150, but for institutions like schools, churches, or work places, the ping pong table will last for a decade or more. They are designed to be durable in all weather conditions. Cornilleau 700X HERE


There is a ball and covered racket storage area on the sides of the table. You will also notice the transport handle (similar to that on the 600X) which makes it easy to lift the table over decks, steps, stairs, planter boxes, etc. when moving it. All four wheels come with brakes so the table can be secured into place wherever you want. The Cornilleau folding system and safety features are first rate with customer safety in mind. We have always found that opening or closing the table up is simple and efficient. No worries of having our kids get fingers or hands caught in the table. The corner protection is another feature we like as this eliminates the worry of someone getting scratched or cut as they pass by the corners.

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Frame/Design – The frame is manufactured with nearly 2 ½ inch aluminum/zinc/steel alloy with a UV resistant finish. As you can see from the photos the table has a sturdy leg design (very similar to the 600X model) which is needed since the table weighs in at over 200 pounds. We like the adjustable leg height since finding a level surface in outdoor conditions is not always the easiest. Just raise or lower the leg height on grass, dirt, or any other uneven playing surface.


Playability – Back to the 8mm playing top which is the best in the industry. Only their $4800 Park Outdoor model and the 740 Longlife offer thicker tabletops. In outdoor ping pong, bounce is the most crucial aspect of any table. Cornilleau is notorious for providing the best rebound and ball adherence of any company. The table is easy to maneuver and adjust to your needs. We found the pace of ball bounce to be perfect and essentially the same as that which you find on the Cornilleau Park Outdoor. The surface on those tables are pretty much indestructible as the city of Seattle can attest to. We give this 5 out of 5 stars for playability. 700x Crossover Pricing Here


Assembly – The assembly on all Cornilleau tables is straight forward and easy. The 700M Crossover will take you up to 2 hours, but the process is simple. The video we provide to the right allows you to follow step by step video instructions until you are done. Start and stop the video as many times as you need in order to get the table constructed. If you are missing any parts, please contact Cornilleau for replacements. Assembly is much easier than you will find on the Kettler or Butterfly models.


Advantages – There are many features that really stand out on the Cornilleau 700M Crossover. The retractable net system, wheel brakes on all 4 wheels, folding/safety features, superior 8mm playing surface, and transport handle for easy lifting and maneuvering. Compared to the Park Outdoor with the 9mm top, the 700M is a mobile table that can be stored compactly or moved to another location. The weatherproof materials are the best you can find and make this purchase well worth the money spent. We find these in resorts, in schools, in parks, and in company rec rooms. They take any abuse and show no signs of wear. BUY HERE


Disadvantages – It’s always difficult to find something wrong with the high end Cornilleau tables as they were designed to meet all standards and expectations. The 700M Crossover is no different as the outdoor table tennis table has no flaws. The biggest complaint we get is pricing on the Cornilleau models as they are the most expensive brand of ping pong table on the market for outdoor tables. At $2150 this table is not cheap. It’s probably meant for commercial use as most families would be just fine with the 600X or the Cornilleau 300X.