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Cornilleau Black Code Outdoor Ping Pong Table


(42 customer reviews)

A brand new table with a black tabletop. Excellent ball bounce on this outdoor ping pong table from Cornilleau that will surely give the Killerspin tables a run for their money. We like the superior bounce this table tennis table provides, the 10 year warranty on the tabletop and frame, and the ease of opening and closing the table. The safety system is the best in the business. Also simple to put into playback mode if you want to hit by yourself. Corner protection padding and strong frame on the Cornilleau Black Code make this an exciting new ping pong table.

Ships from CA, GA or NJ

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5mm melamine tabletop thickness (better than aluminum or plastic/aluminum)

10 year warranty on the tabletop/frame

large wheels – great for outdoor use

16 point locking system – best you can buy

Racket storage and ball storage on side of table

weighs 145 lbs

Folded Dimensions: 63″ x 30″ x 62″

42 reviews for Cornilleau Black Code Outdoor Ping Pong Table

  1. Brian R. (verified owner)

    Love it – great quality! Took some time to put it together but high quality table that it is easy to move around. (Incline Village NV)

  2. Justin W. (verified owner)

    We love the table! We are just a family – no professionals here, but the table does everything we could ask for and more. It was not too difficult to put together, and we can easily fold it up/down. The wheels work great when we roll it out into the yard to play. Overall, we are very happy with the purchase. (Moraga CA)

  3. Doug Fraggi (verified owner)

    We love the table, it’s amazing!! Once we got it put together, it’s been a great purchase. Thank you so much for your knowledge and help with our purchase. (Napa CA)

  4. David M. (verified owner)

    Black Code is a cool table – holding up well in Georgia (Statham GA)

  5. Marissa M. (verified owner)

    Kids love the table for recess (Princeton NJ)

  6. Meghan B. (verified owner)

    Solid purchase. Cornilleau is better than our previous (Cardiff CA)

  7. Brian C. (verified owner)

    Thank you for the quick response! We love the table (Albuquerque NM)

  8. Kyle M (verified owner)

    Holding up well – we are really enjoying it. (Boulder CO)

  9. Brian B. (verified owner)

    Table has been excellent. (Amagansett NY)

  10. Robby T. (verified owner)

    I assembled the black code last night and am having so much fun with it. Thanks again for your help in answering questions. The table came quickly and in great shape. (Alexandria VA)

  11. Brenden D.

    Excellent table for our kids camp (Poland ME)

  12. Sean M. (verified owner)

    It took a little longer than expected and the box had some very noticeable damage. Many of the smaller components were freely sliding around in the box, and I’m surprised nothing fell out, to be honest. I reported the damage to AM Trucking, and they apologized but directed me to “the store.” We assembled the table yesterday, and there were some slight blemishes to the table but functionally everything seems OK so far. We have only tried the table once. Wanted to report this to you now rather than later, just in case. Thank you! (San Rafael CA)

  13. Alice L. (verified owner)

    We love it. It was a pain to assemble, but after that, it has been steady and stable, and easy to fold up and looks nice. Has been great getting multiple generations out there to play on it. 🙂 (Sacramento CA)

  14. Hugh B. (verified owner)

    We love it!! One of the wheel brakes was messed up, so we’d love to get a replacement. The video was key to us putting it together but near the end when you have to be under the table needs to be revisited. But we set it up in late May and had fun with it! We rent our beach house out for most of the summer but it appears to be popular with the renters. Thanks!!! (Arlington VA)

  15. Matthew R. (verified owner)

    Table holding up well in Arizona heat. Thanks Kevin (Scottsdale AZ)

  16. Bassim D. (verified owner)

    Table is all set up. Enjoying it immensely. (Seattle WA)

    Cornilleau Black Code ping pong table

  17. Celina A. (verified owner)

    Really well! Thank you. We have been enjoying it! (Santa Clarita CA)

  18. Ricardo R. (verified owner)

    Our new table is awesome (Lincoln CA)

  19. Justin R. (verified owner)

    Its been great! (Waxhaw NC)

  20. Daniel H. (verified owner)

    Excellent…thanks (San Diego CA)

  21. Stacey R. (verified owner)

    Awesome, thanks! (Mesa AZ)

  22. Rachelle K. (verified owner)

    Table is great! Thanks (Encinco CA)

  23. Tracy C. (verified owner)

    Thank you for following up with us! We love LJHS Cornilleau Black Code Ping Pong 🏓 Table..,and, so do all the neighborhood kids! My brother and I were able to assemble it…the video helped a lot. We just finished a backyard remodel and had the perfect place for it… Thanks again for your assistance with purchasing, shipping, and assembly. (Chula Vista CA)

  24. Katie D. (verified owner)

    Table is great – setting it up took a bit longer than expected but overall fine. (Annapolis MD)

  25. Jamie T. (verified owner)

    Table all set up! Love it. (Studio City CA)

  26. Fiona P. (verified owner)

    Yes thanks it is awesome and I have let lots of people know your website address after I put a photo on Facebook (Lake Bluff IL)

  27. Jackson W. (verified owner)

    The table and paddles are great! I know it’s not your video but the installation took twice as long as the video instructions mentioned and we were going at a decent pace. The bounce is definitely not as good as an indoor table I’m used to, but other than that the table is good. (Flushing NY)

  28. Tim H. (verified owner)

    Got it. Love it. Looks sharp. Plays great. Easy to fold/move. High quality all around. Set up was pretty straightforward with the help of the video. (Boxford MA)

  29. Craig S. (verified owner)

    what a gem! loads of fun already and great bounce and play. looks like a champ even folded up each night. built it at a rather patient pace of 2.5 hours, which took longer due to absence of certain socket wrenches, but well worth it. thanks Kevin for all your help (San Diego CA)

  30. Tamara G. (verified owner)

    Yes!  Thank you!  My husband was a little frustrated with the set-up, but it’s all good now.  The kids are having a great time with it! (Las Vegas NV)

  31. Julie W.

    Yes! We put it together & made a space in the garage (for now)— it’s great!!! I sent your website to a friend & recommended it! Thanks for all your help & guidance 🙂 (Fox Island WA)

  32. Ann Marie (verified owner)

    we have been enjoying the table. We put it together anyway last Thursday night and used it all weekend. It’s perfect!  (Bonaire, GA)

  33. Matt. C. (verified owner)

    The table is set up, and the entire family has been enjoying it. It’s currently resting under its cover, but when the sun comes back out we’ll be at it again.  (Seattle WA)

  34. Giancarlo T. (verified owner)

    The table is setup! Everything was delivered well and it looks and plays awesome! Haven’t had a ton of time on the table yet, but love the look of it. The bounce feels pretty damn good. Putting the table up and down is super easy which I love. That’s all I got for now! (Petaluma CA)

    Cornilleau Black Code ping pong table

  35. Michael S. (verified owner)

    Kevin, absolutely amazing quality. Love the table, super easy to close and set up. We received the table in perfect condition and we will definitely be recommending you and your company to our friends and family. Thank you, stay safe during these times. (Livonia NY)

  36. Scott D. (verified owner)

    Hi Kevin – Thanks for reaching out. Yes, the table is set up and is being used regularly. So far, so good. We really like the Black Code. Fun to play on an extremely easy to fold up/down and move around. It’s rainy season up here so we tend to put it up and cover it each night, but wondering if we actually need to do this. I know it’s an outdoor table, but I’m hesitant to leave it uncovered when I know rain is in the forecast. Really appreciate how thorough and helpful you have been. We will definitely recommend you to anyone who is in the market for a table! (Corte Madera, CA)

  37. Nathan K. (verified owner)

    Sorry for the late reply. I got the replacement leg in pretty quick. Everything is great with the table. We have had a blast so far with it. Thanks for all you did for us. (Martin, TN)

  38. Jason H. (verified owner)

    Thanks for your great service Kevin! (Orlando FL)

  39. Arthur Z. (verified owner)

    Table has been assembled.  Seems great but will get feedback from the 40+ guests at our Labor Day party this weekend.  I am sure it will get rave reviews. (Simi Valley CA)

  40. Sam F. (verified owner)

    Yes all good. Really like the black top! (Deal NJ)

  41. Brian T.

    The table works great. It took a while to assemble having to look at the video and stop and start it a bunch but I’ve seen worse. It’s on our main back deck and it is very easy to wheel around when we’re not using it. It’s a good looking table though and will get used a ton with two teenagers. Thanks for your help! (Novato CA)

  42. Steve L. (verified owner)

    Yes. All went smooth (Vail CO)

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